4 Dialers You Can Use To Improve the Productivity of Your Call Center

A dialer or a VoIP dialer is used in a lot of businesses to manage calls with better ease and efficiency. A standard dialer could be connected directly to a telephone line to alter the number and location of the call while a VoIP dialer uses the internet as a medium to generate those calls. There are several different kinds of dialers out there. Predictive and Progressive dialers are one of the most popular ones. If you are considering getting them for your call center, you should check out predictive vs progressive dialer for more information. Also, keep in mind if you are getting a dialer for your call center, it is not necessary that you should only get one. You may require multiple dialers, depending on the nature of your business. For example, you can use one for cellular calls by your local service provider and the other one for international calls. In this article, I have mentioned a few different types of dialers that every call center must know about.

Automatic Dialer

As the name refers, an automatic dialer or auto dialer generates the calls automatically. The numbers are added to the database before the day starts, and calls are generated all day from it. This is also a sort of VoIP based dialing. When the dialer makes a call, the information regarding that specific lead is shown on the screen. These leads are gathered by the marketing team through social media, Google Ads, and outdoor marketing and are uploaded into the system generally in the form of a .csv excel file. The dialer also generates the call first and connects it with the agent right away if the call is picked. You can also add a recorded message on the calls if you like. The main reason behind using an autodialer is to speed up the things.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is among the most advanced dialers out there. You can use it to make calls to a significant number of leads in a minimal time period. It makes it easier for agents to go through calls, but it also reduces the time between two calls. With some dialers, you will often see your agents sitting free, but that would not happen with a predictive dialer. As soon as an agent becomes idle, the dialer will take notice and will generate calls automatically for the agent. Predictive dialer is also pretty smart, as it can tell the difference between a live caller and a voice recorder. So if a call that was made is gone to the answering machine, the dialer will pick on them immediately. It also provides you with statistical data regarding the calls based on which you can improve your performance. If you want to learn more about how does a predictive dialer work, then you can read about that by browsing over to his link.

Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer is quite different from the predictive dialer as it only makes the call when a live person is available. It does not connect agents with calls that might be going to answering machines or auto-response as this will help save their time significantly. The dialer starts dialing numbers on its own, and it does not forward a call until it is connected to a live caller. It optimizes call time for all agents as they do not have to dial calls manually now and wait for someone to pick up. The difference between predictive and progressive dialers is that the goal of the former is to make sure that the max numbers of calls are made. While the latter makes sure that there is a balance between the number of calls and agents available.

Preview Dialer

Unlike the dialers mentioned above, the preview dialer is a bit slower, but it has its own benefits. The preview dialer does not generate a call until the agent gives it the go-ahead. It will generate the information of the lead or customer on the screen, and then the agent gets to decide when to make the call. This comes handy in situations like where the agents have to change strategies for different callers.