4 Easy Ways to Add Watermarks to Your PDF Files

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A watermark is essential in protecting the copyright or ownership of any document. With a watermark, any of your work is secured. No one can copy your file or image easily. If they could copy, people could identify where the document or photo is copied and the rightful owner. Moreover, it protects files from being misused. 

Your watermark can be a logo, an image, or text. Whatever form it appears, still it serves the same purpose. However, there is a correct way of adding a watermark to serve its purpose. Read on and learn the different methods of how to add a watermark on a pdf. Also, know about some tips on how to place your watermark correctly. 

Add Watermark With These Methods 

1. Use GogoPDF to add a watermark 

Add watermark to pdf with GogoPDF and experience an easy and quick process. Follow these simple steps and have a watermark on your documents in minutes.

  • Select the file you want to put a watermark. You may also drag the file to the conversion box.
  • Select an image or type the text as a watermark. Choose the position where you want your watermark. Then, click on the Add Watermark icon.
  • Wait until the process is complete. It will only take a few minutes, no need to stand waiting for hours. 
  • Your file is now ready for download, and save it to your computer or device. You may also email your watermarked pdf file, or you may share it on your social media accounts.

In four easy steps, GogoPDF can help you maintain your copyright. As simple as one two three, you’ll have a newly watermarked pdf. 

2. Use Adobe Acrobat XI

You may also add a watermark using Adobe Acrobat XI. This one requires you to download and install the software on your computer or laptop. Here’s how to use it to add a watermark. 

  • Open Adobe Acrobat XI.
  • Then, go to “Tools” and choose “Page.”While in the “Page” option, select the “Edit Page Design” heading. Choose “Watermark” and select “Add Watermark.”
  • Next, you may now customize the “Watermark Settings.”
  • Select the “Page Range” option. Then, select your preferred page range and hit “Ok.”
  • Hit on ” Appearance” among the selections and make sure the correct boxes are chosen. 

So, this is how to do it with Adobe Acrobat XI. However, its downside is the download and installation requirements. 

3. Use Adobe Reader (free) 

You may also use Adobe Reader to add a watermark. 

  • Press Tools > Edit PDF > Watermark > Add
  •  If you want to add a watermark on individual pages, hit Page Range Options. Next, identify a page range and select a Subset option as necessary.
  • If you wish to make a text watermark, choose Text and type/write the text in the box. Adjust the formatting if you see it as necessary. 
  • While if you prefer an image as a watermark, choose File. Next, click Browse and pick an image. In case your file has multiple pages with images, identify the Page Number you need. 

Do the following if you wish to change the size of an image watermark:

  • To resize a watermark about its original file size, type in a percentage in the Absolute Scale option. 
  • To resize the dimensions of the pdf page, enter a percentage in the Scale Relative To Target Page. 

When you want to make changes in the appearance and position of a watermark, observe the following options.

  • To manage variations in a pdf with pages of different sizes, choose or deselect Keep Position And Size Of Watermark Text Constant When Printing On Different Page Sizes.
  • To identify when the watermark appears, click or deselect Show When Printing and Show When Displaying On Screen.

To have similar settings to additional pdfs, select Apply To Multiple Files. Hit the Add Files icon, choose Add Files or Add Open Files, and choose your files. Next, in the Output Options dialog box, identify your folder and filename preferences and hit OK.

If you want to reuse a watermark that you used before, choose it from the Saved Settings menu. 

4. Add Watermark on macOS 

  • Place your cursor on the “Tool” tab.

Select a pdf and go to the “Tool” tab located on the left toolbar and  click “Add or Edit Watermark.” 

  • Make Your Watermark

Create a watermark by clicking the “Create” icon, and you can start adding a watermark to your pdf using Mac; you can choose either “Image,” “Text,” or “pdf” as the source.

  • Set the Appearance of Your Watermark

Now, you can set your preferences regarding your watermark. Do this in the pop-up window. Select the rotation, position, opacity, and others as you like it. If you are done with selecting how you want your watermark to look, you may click”Save.” 

How to Add Watermarks Properly

  • Place your watermark at the center. However, you should make sure that the background is solid or smooth. By doing so, others cannot remove the watermark easily.
  • To avoid easy removal or cropping, never put the watermark around the page. 
  • Use big watermarks. It is recommended to use a watermark that covers at least 30 percent of the page. This big size is an excellent trick to cause damage to files once someone tries to remove them.

Reasons Why GogoPDF Is Your Best Choice

  1. Quick and Easy Process 

You do not have to wait for long. GogoPDF will help you watermark your files in minutes. Moreover, its user-friendly features enable you to finish the process in no time.

  1. Personalize Your Watermark 

With GogoPDF, you can select the size, color, and font style of the text. This feature gives your watermark a more personal touch.

  1. Data Privacy 

The tool is safe and secured to use. The system will automatically delete all files or data after an hour. 

  1. OS and Platform Compatibility 

The GogoPDF watermark tool works on all major operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is also compatible with almost all browsers and their versions.


A watermark is essential in keeping your ownership of a document or image. The watermark is as crucial as your content.  Moreover, there are plenty of methods on how to apply a watermark. However, an online tool like PDFescape is recommended. It’s easy, quick, and secured! 

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