4 Elements of Design to Consider for Your First Logo

A memorable logo is a vital element of proper branding for any kind of business. Whether you are a new business or an existing one that hasn’t gotten around to creating a logo yet, it is something to consider doing sooner rather than later. By keeping a few design basics in mind, you can easily start coming up with ideas.

Fortunately, you have options like logo makers to start. And eventually, once you’re ready, you can hire professional graphic designers to create a new logo for your business.

1. Choosing Color

One of the first things you can do as part of logo design is to choose the color palette that will represent your company. Using a logo generator allows you to play around with different color combinations to find what you like.

While color psychology, the process of associating colors with certain thoughts or moods, can come into play, you should also consider practical aspects of color. This includes how easy it is to see your color choice, including any colorful writing, from a distance. You should also take into account any use of color that already exists in your advertising materials, packaging, or other elements of your business that could carry through to your logo.

2. Picking Fonts

Most logos have some form of writing on them. Usually, this is the business name and slogan. Fonts used on logos should be easily scalable, meaning they are readable in small and large print. Steer clear of overly ornate fonts that are difficult to read. Consider choosing a font that is dyslexia-friendly and accessible to people who may not have perfect vision to be more inclusive and reach a wider market.

3. Adding Shapes and Pictures

If you look at examples from well-known logos you will see that they often include a subtle nod to the company and its values or services. This can often be accomplished through the clever use of simple shapes or pictures.

Since they are often used in a very small format, every design element on a logo needs to serve a purpose. Shapes and pictures used in the logo should tie back to your business and what it offers. They can be used to make the logo stand out or to associate the name of your business more closely with what you have to offer to customers.

4. Making it Memorable

All of the above design elements should come together to accomplish the ultimate goal of making your logo memorable. The purpose of a logo is to help customers easily recognize your business and the goods or services you offer. This means that your logo needs to be simple, unique, and recognizable.

An overly complex logo can be too difficult for people to recognize. It may also cause confusion about what your business is. Likewise, a logo that is not unique enough does not stand out among the competition. Customers may overlook you or even mistake you for another business if your logo is not original.

Getting Started on Your Logo

The easiest way to get started on logo design is to start brainstorming and coming up with several rough ideas. Keep the above design elements in mind, and allow yourself to be creative. Over time, you will be able to narrow down the different ideas into one final draft that fits your vision.

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