4 Last Minute Preparedness Items to Add to Your Stash

If you’ve been stashing away items and supplies in preparation for an emergency situation, you’re not alone. Thousands of people across the world know the importance of being prepared. Those who live in disaster-prone areas are especially aware of the importance of preparedness since some natural disasters can make it impossible to receive assistance for long periods of time.

Most people stash the obvious basics, like first-aid supplies, water, food, and fuel. However, there are plenty of important items that are often forgotten. Nothing is more important than food and water, but here are some last-minute items to add to your stash.

  1. A gas mask and extra filters

gas mask is a small investment considering the consequences of not having one when it’s needed. Nobody expects to need a gas mask, but it would be terrible to get caught in a situation where you need a gas mask and don’t have one. Even though it’s unlikely, it can happen.

There have been many times throughout history when civilians have needed a gas mask, mostly during times of war.

Most people in the prepping community choose Mira Safety for gas masks and filters. This brand has been around for a long time and produces some of the most reliable preparedness items on the market.

While you’re getting a gas mask for yourself and your family, don’t forget your pets. You can find gas masks for dogs and cats that will fit most breeds. It’s important to buy from the right brand. If you choose the wrong brand, your gas mask might fail.

  1. A pocket chainsaw

Pocket chainsaws are one item that everyone should own and keep in their house and car at all times. These little chainsaws are powerful and can really save you in certain circumstances. For instance, say you’re driving down the highway and a tree falls in front of your car, blocking the road. If you don’t have a way to see through that tree, you’ll have to call the authorities or wait for someone to come over with a chainsaw.

A pocket chainsaw is far more powerful than a hand saw and requires less effort to use. You might need to spend some time sawing through a large tree, but at least it’s possible. If there are multiple people present, you can take turns to reduce fatigue.

In a situation where you can’t call emergency services or a friend with a chainsaw, this little device could be a lifesaver.

  1. A kindling cracker

While there’s nothing wrong with splitting kindling the traditional way with an axe or hatchet, it’s exhausting when you’re not in good shape and impossible when you’re injured. 

The solution is to get a kindling splitter that you can mount to a tree stump. It’s safer than an axe and it’s mostly effortless – you can even do it one-handed. These splitters are made of cast iron and feature an upside-down axe blade in the middle. 

Rather than slamming an axe down through a piece of wood, you place the wood on the blade and use a sledgehammer to force the wood to split over the blade.

There are several different kindling splitters on the market, but the best ones have just one blade in the middle and a small ring on top to provide protection. These splitters can split small rounds, too, so you can split small pieces of firewood with a little more force.

  1. A battery-powered, handheld bidet

Having a portable, battery-powered bidet will be a lifesaver in an emergency situation, especially if you run out of toilet paper. When you do it right, all you need is a hand towel to dry off.

Portable bidets are also great for washing up when you don’t have running water for a shower. If you don’t have one already, check out these options and get the one that you feel will meet your needs.

Preparedness is an ongoing process 

There’s no such thing as being perfectly prepared for everything. That would be a full-time job. You have to pick and choose what you’re going to prepare for based on the likelihood of any given scenario. 

However, you can always become a little more prepared as time goes on. Just add to your stash when you can, and you’ll be in a better position than you were yesterday.

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