4 Meaningful Ways Entrepreneurs are Actually Making Money with AI

Power of AI - Customer Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily becoming a key driver of business success. AI is no longer a futuristic concept from a sci-fi movie, but a tangible, powerful tool that has transformed businesses globally. From giant tech companies to small startups, businesses are harnessing the power of AI in numerous ways, including by using large language models like ChatGPT.

However, many entrepreneurs are yet to fully embrace the potential that AI offers. Some have dabbled in it, only to retreat when the initial novelty wore off. Others have dipped their toes into the ocean of AI possibilities, perhaps implementing a few AI-powered productivity tools, but they are failing to maximize the true benefits. It’s like they’ve been given a Formula 1 car but are only using it to make grocery runs. There’s so much potential being left untapped, so many opportunities yet to be explored. 

We want to change that. Let’s shed some light on how AI can be more than just a productivity booster. We’ll show how this transformative technology can be an integral part of your business strategy, fuelling growth, innovation, and bottom-line profits.

Beat the Market with News and Trend Analysis

In today’s business landscape, keeping abreast of trends and news is vital. However, manual tracking can be overwhelming due to the deluge of information available. Enter AI systems like ChatGPT, which goes beyond a simple keyword search to comprehend content and provide concise insights. The internet-enabled version quickly sifts through online data, focusing on what’s relevant to your business and industry. 

Using ChatGPT saves countless hours by automating the research process, leaving you more time for critical business tasks. Furthermore, it offers a competitive edge by delivering insights faster than your competitors, allowing for swift response to market changes. With tools like ChatGPT, you can work smarter, stay ahead of the curve, and capitalize on emerging trends.

Cloning Yourself with AI

The demands on an entrepreneur’s time can be extreme, often requiring them to be in multiple places at once, addressing an array of concerns simultaneously. An entrepreneur might feel like they are forever putting out fires. Thanks to innovative AI solutions like Coachvox AI, entrepreneurs can effectively “clone” themselves, enhancing their communication capabilities and scaling their reach.

Coachvox AI allows entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators to construct an AI version of themselves. This digital clone can learn from their knowledge, adapt to their communication style, and even pick up on their unique expressions. The result is an AI model that doesn’t just re-hash predefined answers but communicates in a way that authentically represents the person it’s based on. The one that trained it.

By leveraging this technology, entrepreneurs can extend their presence and influence. They can address queries, engage audiences, and provide personalized advice to clients, even when they’re not personally available. The technology ensures consistent communication within teams, alignment with company values, and access to expertise at all times.

10x Your Content Creation

Content is king in the digital era. But creating high-quality content consistently can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs. AI tools like ChatGPT can change this game significantly. It’s not just about churning out generic content to attract web traffic, but about leveraging AI to create unique, engaging, and high-quality content, all while saving time and resources.

With a structured approach, you could potentially produce hundreds of top-notch articles each month using ChatGPT. Begin with a well-defined content strategy: who is your audience, what topics interest them, and what’s your unique perspective? Once you’ve established this, you can use prompts to guide ChatGPT through creating content that aligns with your strategy. 

For instance, if you’re running a health and wellness business, your prompt to ChatGPT could be: “Write a 500-word blog post on the benefits of a plant-based diet for busy professionals.” Or, for a tech startup: “Draft an engaging introduction to an article titled ‘5 Emerging Tech Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Out For in 2023’”. With clearly defined prompts, ChatGPT can deliver tailored, relevant, and impactful content for an audience of your choosing.

Create Strategies and Plans

Strategic planning is an essential but time-consuming process for businesses. It involves thorough research, data analysis, goal setting, and action planning, often taking weeks, if not months. However, AI has the potential to revolutionize this process, turning weeks of work into just a few days or even hours.

AI-powered tools can perform complex data analysis, trend prediction, and scenario modelling at incredible speed. These tools can rapidly process and interpret vast amounts of data, providing key insights and actionable recommendations that form the basis of strategic plans.

For instance, imagine you need a marketing plan. Instead of manually combing through past campaign data, customer behaviour, market trends, and competitor analysis, an AI tool can do this in a fraction of the time. It can identify successful tactics, recognize patterns, predict future trends, and suggest optimal strategies.

Similarly, when crafting a business growth plan, AI can help identify opportunities for expansion, potential threats, and areas for improvement. It can analyze market conditions, anticipate customer needs, and even forecast financial outcomes. 

Not only does this save time, but it also enhances the quality of your plans. AI doesn’t have the complex emotions humans do, it makes decisions based on data, not assumptions, and provides a level of detail that would be impossible to achieve manually.


Harnessing the power of AI isn’t just a trendy move—it’s a strategic one that can translate into tangible profits for entrepreneurs. By staying ahead of news and trends with tools like ChatGPT, you can gain insights faster than your competitors and make proactive decisions. 

Embracing AI’s capacity to create a digital clone allows you to amplify your reach and communicate consistently with your audience. Leveraging AI for content creation can transform your output, from a handful of articles to a library of high-quality content. Finally, using AI for strategic planning can turn weeks of work into hours, providing detailed and data-driven growth strategies. 

It’s clear: AI isn’t just the future of business; it’s the present, and entrepreneurs who understand and leverage this are the ones set to thrive.

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