4 Smart Products To Keep Your Shop Organized

Body shops and garages are brimming with parts, tools, cords, fasteners, paints and chemicals. There’s almost always a lot going on, and with so much movement and work happening, it can quickly become chaotic. One of the best ways to avoid more chaos than necessary and to keep everyone working safely and efficiently is to organize the shop.

ROGO Fastener has several smart storage and organization solutions that keep everything neat and out of the way, letting you get the job done faster and avoid workplace accidents.

1. Extension Cord on a Reel

Extension cords are a must-have in any shop, but they can be a pain to put away once you’ve unwound them and trailed them through the shop. One way to extend your reach and take power wherever you need is to use a reeled extension cord. These cords automatically retract for easy storage. They extend just the amount that you need them to and you can mount them to the wall or hang them from the ceiling. ROGO Fastener sells this particular model which extends 30 feet, has a 10 amp circuit breaker and includes a Saf-T-Lok outlet, which prevents your tools from accidentally becoming unplugged while you work. There is also an option that includes three grounded outlets.

2. Aerosol Can Cabinets With Sliding Drawers

No body shop would be a true body shop without a bunch of aerosol cans floating around. Spray paints, solvents, cleaners and lubes can be challenging to organize in a safe and accessible way. ROGO Fastener offers aerosol can cabinets that you can place on a table or mount on a wall. Using a cabinet is safer than an open shelf and takes up less space. This model is heavy-duty steel and finished with long-lasting enamel. Each cabinet fits up to 48 cans and has two shelves that slide out so you can easily grab whatever you need. They also include a lock and key for extra security.

3. Wire Spool Racks

Another great product for organizing the shop is a heavy-duty wire spool rack. You can purchase spool racks that come preloaded with primary wire or fuel hose assortments, or you can choose an empty one to store your own products. You can wall mount these racks and choose between models with one, two or four rods. This keeps your wires from getting tangled and makes them easier to dispense and measure. You won’t have any more spools just sitting around or getting lost, either.

4. Clear Pop-Top Containers

Using these might seem like a simple solution, but clear containers are fantastic storage options. ROGO Fastener containers are transparent so you can easily see what’s inside, and have a lid that pops open so you can quickly pour or grab what you need. They’re ideal for screws, bolts, and other bulk parts that you tend to mix up or spill when they’re stored in drawers or bins.

Stay Organized

Keeping the shop clear of messes and knowing where things are is a great way to save time and money, and keep you and your employees safe. ROGO Fastener is always happy to help with whatever products or organization solutions you may need.