4 Steps Must Be Checked Before Using Flask Microservices in Python

 What would you do whenever you planned any long trip by road in your own car? Well, I personally check up my car and its parts whether they are fully working or not? Now there are loads of other things like some snacks, a water bottle, and all the stuff but Checking your car is necessary!

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Similarly, whenever you want to build any microservices on Flask with the help of Python then there are several things you need to check. So, Let’s know what these things are and whether you checked it or not?

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Now, Without wasting time let’s see all the parameters that need to be checkup while using Flask.

1. Python Version:

It is the first and foremost thing that is important for anyone. You must check whether python is in the right environment.

Why is so much emphasized by us? Because we see loads of students doing this mistake very often. As everyone knows there are two types of environment in python Virtual environment and computer environment. With the latest version of python, you can create a virtual environment and it stays like this until you manually turn it off. So, one needs to check up on the environment.

IF one wants to differentiate between a Virtual environment and a Computer environment then it goes like this: Virtual environment is to create project’s own isolated environments, so that project has dependencies on its own. Whereas the computer environment is simple and regular or one can say the normal environment.

The code to enable Virtual Environment is ‘virtualenv’ or ‘venv’

2. PIP:

PIP stands for Package manager for Python.

We all know that we need libraries for creating any applications or at least one tool that allows us to manage different libraries.

Now, Python has its own library but you need to enable it for whatever kind of use you want to do.

For enabling this library you need to write this code:

Pip install pack

Remember, the key is to get a suitable library. Even if you do your code in a computer or virtual environment the code is the same for both types.

3. URL:

URL is the most important thing for any businesses and if I define URL as laymen terms then It is called as ‘link of any website’

There are mainly two types of URL: Method and Blueprint,

We often use the method with the help of this very code

app route()

But the blueprint is important for us because this is what FLask is used for any creation, even their own. If you don’t believe it then just look at its definition:

Flask uses a concept of blueprints for making application components and supporting common patterns within an application or across applications.

So, before any changes or any as such, the URL needs to check. Although, It is not as important as others, It is better to be checked.

4. Configuration & architecture:

Although, these points are rather considered from giving an advice point of view and also It contains some good relevance to the blog. So you get a good blend of both.

  • Configurations:

All of those who know even the basics of Flask know that how important is this tool name ‘configuration’ Even during our tutorials and seminars we often mention configuration as a tool. We might mention it indirectly (which most of the cases for others) but every instructor or tutor mentions this once.

So, you must learn about this topic since it is also used during the deployment and related stuff.

  • Architecture:

We often heard from different demands of clients that we want the best architecture, although there is no best architecture. All a developer can do is to build one that suits best your business.

Flask contains some good patterns which can be good for any to start learning. However, one can create its own pattern.

So, These are 4 things that need to be considered before starting your projects. We hope that you get the overall idea of how things work and at what level, how much one needs to check before starting any project.

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