4 Tips for Using Produce Displays with Fruits and Vegetables

Produce display stands advertise apples in the centre of a grocery store.

If you’re managing a grocery store or are the head of a produce department, you’re probably continuously looking for new ways to display your products. If you’ve already enjoyed a lot of success in the past with innovative ideas for your produce section, any marketing that thrives on change requires continuous creativity. Here are a few ideas to help ensure that your department remains in top form:

Making Frequent Small Changes

Finding new ways to make your produce section attractive to customers is an excellent idea because it can contribute to more sales. While you can’t always rearrange the entire store or find ways to make an elaborate central display, it also helps to make small changes that keep things fresh.

Some ideas that you might consider that will be subtle but effective are to

  • Pile Up Your Produce in Patterns that Catch the Eye
  • Move Several Products of a Similar Colour to One Area
  • Bring Products from Other Parts of the Store that Complement Particular Fruits and Vegetables

Once you get started on coming up with innovative ideas, it can be hard to stop. Keep track of ideas in your office for future use and yearly returns.

Abide by Seasonal Changes

Unlike many other items sold at a grocery store, the produce section requires many changes throughout the year. When you take advantage of these changes, you gain the advantage of attracting customers while also ensuring that seasonal produce doesn’t go overlooked. If your customers aren’t used to blood oranges or Asian pears, be sure to place them front and centre with other popular items. When you are able to offer fruit that’s this delicious, all it takes is one try to get your customers asking for more.

New Display Cases

If you’ve been using the same old display units for years, your department and your sales are likely suffering due to this element alone. For example, you can find new produce displays today that are much more attractive than your old ones. There’s no doubt that the more attractively you are able to display items, the more likely they are to sell.

Visual Story Telling

Flashy displays and frequent changes help to attract the eye initially, but that attraction may only last for a few seconds if your customer doesn’t see something they want immediately. The best way to draw them in is to appeal to the mind and the emotions through displays that are suggestive of deeper narratives.

When it comes to your produce department, you want to keep things fresh. Even making changes to your display can help to convey a sense of freshness and newness to your customers that will encourage them to buy more products. Get in contact with a company that offers attractive display units to get more out of your produce sales.

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