4 Ways How Wide-Span Racks Can Help with Your Storage Needs in Your Business

Storage space is a constant challenge for any business, large or small. However, you can alleviate storage problems significantly if you have a wide-span racking system installed in your warehouse. 

Wide-span racks can help organize the different types of products you need to store and improve the efficiency of your inventory management system. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and better customer service.

If you are considering wide-span shelving for your commercial storage needs but are not sure if would be the right choice, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss four ways in which wide span shelving can help your storage needs in detail. Take a look. 

Ideal for Storing Products of Irregular Shapes and Sizes

These racking systems are also useful because you can use them to store pallets when they are not needed immediately. This means your business will not have to spend time and money storing pallets when no orders are being processed.

Furthermore, wide-span racks also allow you to store products in an organized manner. This means your business will not have to spend resources organizing products regularly. This will make it easier for employees to find the items they need when products are stored according to their size and shape.

Durable Build

Wide span shelving can be made of steel, wood, and other durable materials. Steel is the most common material used in wide-span shelving because it’s strong and sturdy, but it can be pretty expensive. Wooden wide-span shelving is a more affordable option that you can use in places where you don’t need the strongest material.

The wood you use will depend on your business and how much weight it needs to hold up. For example, hardwood may be best for you if you sell heavy produce like potatoes or apples. 

On the other hand, if you sell light, delicate items like jewelry and clothing, then softwood may be a better option. Softwood is more flexible than hardwood and can bend without breaking or cracking.

Plastic is also an option, but it isn’t as durable as wood or steel, so if you decide to go with plastic shelves, make sure they are high-quality ones.

Great for Storing Large Amounts of Files

Wide-span shelving is often used by archivists who need to store large files.

That’s because this type of rack is designed to store large numbers of documents, records, and other types of data. They typically come in heights from 5′ – 20′, so they can accommodate even the tallest file cabinets or boxes on your site. 

The best part about wide-span racks is there’s no need for columns or posts because you’ll have room between each aisle which means easy access without getting stuck behind someone else who might be trying to get past too.

Integrated Wireless Technology

The wireless technology allows you to track inventory without counting or scanning items manually. You can also use wireless technology to monitor how many people are in the building at any time. This is important if you’re a data center operator who needs to monitor energy consumption. 

Wide-span racking systems are also an option for data centers that want to keep their servers cool. The racks can be designed with airflow in mind, which makes it easier to get air flowing through the system and keep your servers cool.

Final Word

You can use wide-span racking systems in many different ways. They are a great option for companies that need to store large amounts of inventory or items with irregular shapes. 

They are also useful if you need to store pallets because they can be easily moved around as needed without damaging them. Hopefully, this article helped you understand the benefits of wide-span racking systems, and you’ll be able to use them in your next project.

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