4 Ways to Contribute to Charities in Your Local Area

Charities are non-profit organizations that work hard to make lives better for the needy and the down-trodden. People blessed with financial wealth are fortunate to have everything in life and much more. They never have to worry about where their next meal will come from or where they would enroll their kids to ensure that they have the best education for a prosperous career. However, there are those amongst us who find it incredibly difficult to get food and education, not to mention other necessities of life. Some may feel that their lives are in danger due to complex geopolitical and legal conditions. In such cases, charitable organizations like Me to We strive to make all the difference in their lives so that the ones who need the most get their basic sustenance. That’s how the charities work towards building a better future for the ones that need help. Hence, it is important to donate to charities to help them have the resources they need to manage this difficult work. 

Charitable organizations often work with large corporations and foundations when they are looking to raise the funds they need for managing their tasks and operations. Now, you may think only wealthy corporations and large-scale entities donate to charities for the causes they believe in. However, statistics reveal that more than 65% of the revenue earned through charities are contributions made by individual men and women. Hence, it means that even if you do not have the financial strength of the large corporate entities, you still have the power to make a difference in the lives of people who need your help in some way or the other. Hence, you should seriously consider donating to a charity in your local area that can contribute to the wellness of people who need their support. 

Here are the main ways in which you can contribute to charities in your local area.     

Crowdfunding and other online methods of donating 

Crowdfunding is a popular way of donating money online these days. While it is true that crowdfunding methods are used by startups and other types of business organizations when they are working on a project, some are associated with charitable organizations as well. Even if you donate only a modest sum of money, you can still make a difference as many other people donate their money in the same way as you. Organizations like WE Charity often seek donations for their charitable projects in different parts of the world, and they would be glad to get some help from you. 

It is common these days for people operating online to make donations in this way. There are many ways to make online payments that are safe and secure. Therefore, you can manage your online transactions within a short time and do your bit to make the world a better place. 

Writing a check 

Even if digital technology has made leaps and bounds of improvement in recent years, for many people, the traditional way of writing a check is still the primary way through which they can contribute to a charity. Instead of sharing your digital accounting details or your credit cards, you can surely make a payment to a charitable organization by simply writing a check for them. Many people feel more comfortable writing checks than paying through any other means. 

Private Family Foundations  

Many families choose to set up private family foundations when looking to make contributions to charitable organizations. It is an effective way to create your charity portfolio when you and your family wish to make financial contributions to people who need your help. This option is mainly for those who are capable of significant sums of money to a charity. While it is true that there are plenty of private family foundations that are large and well known, there are also those whose assets are lower than $1 million. You must have a legal expert by your side when planning on making donations to charities in this way. You will need to maintain a well-developed system to track all your charitable donations and finances. 

Donor-Advised Funds 

Another excellent way of donating to a charity in your local area is through a Donor-Advised Fund or a DFA. This particular method has become extremely popular in recent years. The Donor-Advised Funds work as charitable accounts set up by some sponsoring company. They are flexible, fast, simple, easily accessible, and more affordable than setting up a private family foundation. When you opt for this method, all you need to do is donate your money and have the sponsoring company handle the steps associated with the donation. You can also have complete flexibility in deciding when and where the donations will be made. The great thing about donor-advised funds is that they can get started with a small sum of money. You can even have the liberty to decide on the charities that you want to associate yourself with. It is one of the best ways to donate money to charities and get the tax deduction in the process. 

Giving to a charity is one of the best things that you can do in your life. One of the main reasons for this is that it brings a great sense of joy, bringing smiles and happiness to someone in some part of the world. Giving to charities can also get you tax deductions that can appeal to you if you wish to use your money wisely. By associating yourself with a charitable organization like WE Charity, you can do your bit to make the world a better place.              

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