4 Ways to Keep Online Meetings Productive

When you have a remote team, you have to ensure that communication is effective on tasks and projects. Yes, employees will be left to work independently during the day. But, they still have to feel part of a team and know what is going on with the company they are working for. When everyone is working remotely, online meetings become something that is normal. But, something you have to ensure is that they are productive.

You should not be hosting online meetings just for the sake of it. It is a sure way to affect employee morale and disrupt productivity. So, here are four ways you can ensure online meetings are effective.

Keep to a Minimum

You have to realize that sometimes, online meetings are important. Then, there are other times when they are not necessary. Just because your team works virtually does not mean that you have to check in with them every day. This becomes tedious and unproductive. Unless there is something important to discuss, it is best to keep online meetings to a minimum.

Instead, if you feel like your team needs a change, consider having a meeting in person. It can be good to interact in a team setting that is not virtual for important discussions. For example, you can hire a meeting room. These places usually provide you with a professional setting where you can host your team. Whether you have a project to discuss or training, you want to do; this can be a good place to ensure it is productive.

Create a Schedule

You always want to have a structure when you are hosting an online meeting. This ensures that you are keeping them short, as well as covering the essential topics you want to discuss. Not planning a meeting means you can end up wasting time, boring your team, and forgetting about crucial elements of a project.

Thus, always create a schedule before a meeting. You will find that they are more productive this way, and employees engage with each other. Just ensure that you actually stick to the schedule you have created. It is beneficial to stick to a time limit too so that you have something to aim for. You do not want to go on and on or stray off track and waste time. Again, keeping people engaged is important since you want them to absorb the information you are giving them.

Use Visual Aids

If you have ever been on a call with several people, it can be boring to just stare at each other. You can notice people starting to tune out when you are talking and even the sound can break up if not everybody has a great signal. If you want to make sure that your meetings are productive, it might be best to consider using visual aids to get your points across.

For example, in online meetings, it is possible to show slideshows and images during the call. This means that everyone is going to have something to look at, which can reinforce the points you are trying to make, as well as make sure people stay engaged. So, preparing some slides in advance will ensure the meeting stays interesting and easy to understand. What’s more, it will ensure that you cover all of the points you intend to during the meeting.

Allow Audio Only

The truth is that some employees do not like being on camera during online meetings. This can be something they always feel uncomfortable with or just on particular days when they are not feeling great. You should understand and accommodate this in order to keep your employees happy and your meetings productive. After all, it sounds awful when you are forcing people to be on camera when they really do not want to. In the long term, it can affect their morale and their time in a job position.

Therefore, allow your employees the choice to use their webcam or just to use audio. This way, they can be present in the meeting in a comfortable way and a way that they can communicate effectively. Let’s face it; if you are forcing someone to do something they do not want to do, they are not going to be 100 percent committed. But, when you allow them just to have audio, they are going to be in an environment they feel comfortable with, which makes them much more likely to contribute.

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