4PX Tracking: The Ultimate Tool for E-Commerce Businesses

The shipment tracking industry has changed drastically in the past decade by including automated tools and real-time tracking. Customers have access to better package tracking, which has streamlined the whole process. Tracking the shipments ensures the service providers and customers know the packages’ real-time locations. It saves from ambiguity and contributes to higher customer satisfaction. 

Think of yourself as a customer; you wouldn’t like it if you had to wait for the shipment endlessly—right? It’s why professionals in the industry are using real-time tracking solutions. If we look at the shipment industry, 4PX tracking remains the top service with its amazing 4px tracking features. 

Features and Benefits

The tracking tool helps with package tracking—ensuring customers get the best experience. The service also offers a variety of other benefits and features customers don’t get elsewhere. It’s why we have outlined these features in the section below.  

  • Warehouse Management

The real-time tracking services of 4PX are great, but that’s not only what the company provides. It also provides world-class warehouse management services, making it one of the largest warehouse networks in the region. The warehouse is located near Shenzhen airport in China and has over 3000+ square feet of shipment area.

  • Amazon Shipment Tracking

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms—4PX tracking recognizes this. The company offers shipment tracking for Amazon parcels around the world. However – the users must know how the Amazon shipment works before using it for their needs. Wondering how? You get a message “Shipped with 4PX” on the order tracking page when shopping on Amazon. 

The tracking number typically has a number sequence that looks somewhat like: Rx123456789SG, Rx123456789HK, or Lx123456789CN—depending on the type of shipment and region. 

Moreover, for drop shippers or Amazon sellers based in China – 4PX is a great option too. The 4PX tracking service follows the shipment from the seller to your door.

  • 4PX Post Links Parcels

Post-link is an iconic service by 4PX tracking and uses international resources to transport cargo directly from China to the delivery country. The service uses local courier and postal services to complete the deliveries.

Post-link offers three different categories of services:

  • Registered mail
  • Regular mail
  • Airmail parcel

These services allow customers to track shipments with ease. They also help streamline their delivery needs and manage shipment deliveries. 

Integration with Popular Platforms

4PX tracking knows the growing needs within the shipment industry. Therefore, the service providers work to integrate the most popular platforms designed for long-term shipment needs. Wondering how? Via its global express service, 4PX has partnered with several leading logistics companies across the world – such as FedEx, TNT, and UPS, to deliver exceptional services at affordable rates.

The brand has also partnered with other giants like Jumia to target the African customer base. This partnership could unlock new possibilities for the customers—unlocking new possibilities in the world of shipment. 

With the integrated tools – users can get real-time shipment updates using the designated tracking number assigned to their parcels. It’s a smart way of streamlining the whole process, and 4PX tracking has done it very well.  

Improving Shipping Efficiency

4PX tracking has been working for the betterment of the shipment industry. With the latest features and benefits of the service – customers have access to better shipping efficiency. You can choose the service for your next local or international order, sit back, and watch the order arrive in no time—begin today!