5 Advantages of Custom LED Signs When Used in the Corporate Setting


Signages are known for their primary purpose of marketing the brand to their target customers. They are either displayed on the storefronts or inside the establishments and come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. However, business signages should be appropriate for the brand or image they aim to present. Therefore, getting a sign should be planned out carefully to ensure that your brand gets recognized by many.

There are different types of signages that are being produced today and one of these is the illuminated business signs. These signage types include placing lights to add emphasis to the details of the signage and to function as lighting elements for unlit areas within the establishments. LED lights are the usual lighting source attached to most signages. 

Enumerated below are some of the benefits of business signs with LED lights:

LED Signs Immediately Grab People’s Attention

What’s more visually attractive than multicolored signages that illuminate the area? LED signs guarantee that you’ll be turning heads due to the visual appeal they give off. This is the perfect choice especially for businesses that are established on very busy streets or spaces. Moreover, if your store hours include nighttime, what better way for customers to locate your shop other than illuminated signs? Not only have you provided a lighting source at night, but you also get to market your brand at any time of the day. 

LED signs Allow You to Innovate and be Creative 

Developing LED-lit signage requires you to be creative and innovative especially in the manner you choose to apply the LED lighting. In what way do you want your signage to be emphasized? Do you prefer it lit at the back? Or on the sides? Probably inside the signs? If you have determined the places where you intend to display the lights, you can begin deciding what colors to put and the kind of lights to include, whether bulbs or strips. 

LED Signs are Durable and Long-lasting

You have to understand that in order to have signage of excellent quality, you have to invest a lot of money in good materials as well as the manufacturing process. So, to ensure that your money is spent well, you have to research reputable signage-making companies and their background. Look at their works and read through the feedback of their previous clients. Did they have a good experience during the production process? Were they commendable in dealing with customers? Is the price reasonable? Those are just some of the few things you need to consider before choosing a company to do your LED signage.

LED Signs are Versatile

Since LED signs have variations, you have several options to choose from. You can opt to have one color only or include a lot of multiple colors depending on the type of signage that you will have for your business. But LED signs are not only applicable outdoors which a lot of people think. It can be utilized for interiors like lobby signs for professional or formal institutions.

LED Signs are Easy to Set Up and Attach to the Surface

Installing LED signs, contrary to what many think, is actually hassle-free whether you intend to display them indoors or outdoors. Since they have plenty of features, they have been utilized for commercial and industrial applications. You can even adjust the brightness, contrast, and color options which makes it more reliable. They are also equipped with accessories and are flexible, most especially LED strip lights as they can be cut into the length that you prefer. Most LED lights utilize adhesive for installation and are waterproof so they don’t easily get damaged during heavy rains. Meanwhile, the adhesive caters to almost all kinds of surfaces making the lights flexible in terms of installation.


Neon-colored signs were famous during the 80s and 90s and businesses are still incorporating them into their signages even today to achieve the retro and vintage concepts. There’s no other signage that can best display colors attractively than LED-lit signages. The option of allowing you to adjust the brightness of the signage is a benefit that could help you conserve energy compared to other types of signages.

In addition, these signage types are often interactive since you can adjust the lighting effects in order to achieve the kind of visual appeal they give off. So, if you’re up for custom signs with LED lights, it’s better to initially plan the location of the signage for you to easily determine the source of electricity. You won’t have to worry about replacing the lights often since they only require less maintenance and do not consume large amounts of electricity. Want to get LED signs for your business? Search for reliable companies that could provide you with specific details on how the signage is made and the processes it undergoes. They should be able to answer all of your inquiries regarding the operating and the making of the signage.

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