5 Advantages of Three Phase Generators You Must Know

A three-phase generator generates power using three equally-spaced windings 120 degrees apart to ensure an output voltage of 480 volts without plummeting the total power into zero. Consequently, the significant feature of the three-phase generator makes it ideal for heavy-duty industrial, commercial, professional, and agricultural applications that need constant and intensive power. 

It is acknowledged that an increasing number of large businesses have invested in or put resources into three-phase generators in recent years. There is no doubt that the three-phase generator gives the power that electric motors and large pieces of equipment need and ensures the seamless functioning of significant operations at all times. 

If you are still unfamiliar with why three-phase generators are popular worldwide, this article will guide you to clarify the different types of three-phase generators and their distinctive benefits. 

Different Types of Three-Phase Generators

The three-phase generator consists of several types, including industrial generators, high voltage power generators, and marine generators. The following will make a brief introduction of them.

Industrial Generators

Industrial three-phase generators are usually designed according to the needs of the industry. Their general characteristics include compact design, excellent ventilation, superior heat dissipation, low temperature rise, high efficiency, stable AVR parallel operation, and cost-effectiveness. Applicable to industries requiring continuous power, industrial generators’ power and voltage ranges are from 6.8 to 4,200 kW and from 380 to 480 volts, respectively. 

High Voltage Power Generators

As the name suggests, high-voltage power three-phase generators typically generate high amounts of voltage. These generators have shorter dimensional height, dissipate heat efficiently, prove to be cost-efficient, and can generate high voltage of up to 13,800 volts, along with different power ranges. Since high-voltage power generators are reliable, they are appropriate to utilize for data centers, real estate sectors, and telecommunication sectors. However, when selecting the supplier for these generators, make sure they have a proven track record, and their products are accredited with established standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Marine Generators

Marine generators are typically designed and developed to bear the severe weather conditions around the sea waves and hence can be utilized on ships and naval vehicles. Due to their better performance, they come in handy where other generators and a standard boat battery show some lacking. They are coated with a marine varnish, and marine generators are moisture-proof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging. Apart from that, they have compact dimensions and provide better heat dissipation and ventilation. Their power can lie anywhere between 20 and 1,650 kW, alongside a voltage range from 200 to 400 volts.

Five Advantages of Three-Phase Generators

After clarifying the types of three-phase generators, let’s walk you through several distinctive advantages of three-phase generators.

  • Compact and Lightweight Design

The design and operation of a three-phase generator are plain and ordinary. It is also compact and lightweight because three-phase generators, as compared to single-phase generators, have lighter aluminum, copper wiring, and other components. Meanwhile, the compact and lightweight design of three-phase generators guarantee that they occupy less space in industrial places.

  • High Efficiency

Compared with single-phase generators, the whole unit of three-phase generators remains more efficient. For instance, three-phase generators have an uninterrupted and continuous stream of power, which are consequential for business where an around-the-clock power supply is crucial. To mention that, EvoTec, a capable generator manufacturer, provides you with high-efficiency three-phase generators that generate a steady power production and fewer vibrations. 

  • Easy Installation and Operation

A three-phase generator is an essential option for installation and operation. Due to its compact and light designs, the three-phase generator is easy to install. Moreover, the operation of three-phase generators is quite simple, and you don’t need to learn much professional knowledge. It is worth mentioning that EvoTec can provide customers with professional assistance at the fastest speed. And if you have any worries in installing and operating, they will spare no effort to assist you in solving all problems. 

  • Stable User Experience

Three-phase generators are winners when considering stable and capable user experience. They can provide small vibrations to lower the loss and ensure stable usage. For instance, the three-phase generator from EvoTec uses AVR designs, new technologies for damping to enhance the machine’s reliability and prolong its service life. Meanwhile, its great ventilation and less maintenance make the three-phase generator popular in banks, grocery stores, hospitals, data centers, and other places where the power supply is a shortage.

  • Suitable For Harsh Environment

A three-phase generator is rugged and robust and thus suitable for harsh environmental conditions found at construction, agriculture, or other sites. And of course, if the supplier you are buying three-phase generators from implements protection grades when manufacturing their products, you are sure to find equipment that can withstand harsh environments.

The Best Place to Buy Three-Phase Generators

Now that you must have a comprehensive understanding of three-phase generators. If you want to purchase three-phase generators, you do not need to look further, given that you are looking forward to purchasing the top-notch and unique three-phase generator. EvoTec provides high-quality three-phase generators, offering increased reliability for industrial and commercial use, a broad range of power output (6.8kW to 4,200kW), increased voltage range (110V to 13,800V), and protection grade (IP21-IP55). Their industrial generators allow for a balanced power load and ensure continuous efficient industrial power generation. Whether you deal with commercial buildings, food production, industrial facilities, agriculture, or construction sites, their three-phase generators will never disappoint you.

In addition, the brilliant staff in EvoTec goes the extra mile to offer premium-quality and customized products and services while focusing on research and development, the latest design, production flow system, and advanced testing capabilities. What is more, EvoTec is a generator manufacturer that upholds high standards in its efforts to guarantee your satisfaction with its products and services. Thus, please feel free to go through their other equipment that well-known domestic and foreign companies benefit from widely.

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