5 advertising and marketing challenges brands could meet in 2022

Did you know that 90% of the people who are searching for a specific product or service on the internet have already decided about the brand they’re interested in? This is one of the reasons why online advertising is so competitive. This powerful competition is only one of the challenges businesses face when building marketing strategies.

In 2022, there are even more challenges to face. The pandemics have changed advertising and marketing practices and it shows. Following, we’ll talk about what challenges the business market in 2022 and how to overcome them:

1. Choosing the right audience

They say there must be perfect timing and targeting in the art of advertising and marketing. But choosing the right audience, the right channels and the right time isn’t easy, not even for the most powerful companies and their super professional employees. In outdoor advertising, things are easier: you won’t use a Nasdaq billboard to promote your products and services in Pennsylvania, nor you’ll buy Miami billboards to advertise your winter sports ecommerce. But online, things are heavier, as internet users have now the possibility to ban ads and skip retargeting strategies. That’s why your focus should move to organic growth and loyalty strategies to keep your current customers.

2. Get the best out of your budget

This is another challenge, especially if you’re a small or a middle business. Depending on the channels you’re using, you must rule campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads and so on. Don’t ever forget that these are companies too and focus on profit growth. How to overcome this challenge: A/B test all the platforms you can use and keep those which bring you the best results. Focus on optimizing your strategies and cut the budget from other marketing actions you can’t manage so well in the current situation, such as events.

3. Scalability

It’s not only about creating a performant campaign, but to make your every campaign scalable, in order to grow efficiently. Most likely, landing pages are and will remain the key for conversions. In order to overcome this challenge, you must create, test and rule powerful LPs across all the channels and targeting all of your audiences, in order to identify the ones that work best.

4. Competition

Although powerful competition is not new, as the business market grows, it will grow with it. Specialists recommend you to get to know your audience at a more granular level and in depth. What are their motivations, how do they think and what are they feeling? The more you get to know your target audience, the more you’ll be more capable to offer them the right messages, within the right channels.

5. Choosing the right online marketing channels

Counting on one big effective channel that brings you results may be a temporary solution, but won’t do the work for a long time. Remember you’re using third parties that have their own vulnerabilities and try to make your palette grow diverse, so that you’ll always be able to switch the channel and to adapt when needed.

In the past couple of years, we assisted a nostalgic and highly emotional approach both in advertising and marketing. This will not be changing too soon. So don’t let yourself be overruled by logic and reason and acknowledge that buying decisions are mostly emotional. The world of advertising and marketing is always changing, so you must always be prepared to overcome new challenges, to adapt changes and to prove flexibility.

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