5 Alternative cryptos to consider for high roller

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Changes in price are happening fast. It makes it challenging to follow and adapt. It is incredibly inconvenient for investors who wish to play safe and only invest when there are high chances of earning rewards and high investment returns.

Yet many investors love to take risks and invest in crypto with huge risks. Yet the vast potential of rewards. Read along to become aware of 5 alternative cryptos to consider for the high roller. You can start your trading journey at bitalpha-ai.com.


It represents Gala Games, the decentralized ecosystem. Gala features the following ethos: blockchain games you wish to play. Video games have started to evolve from individual silos to multiplayer connected networks. It takes such evolution to the next level. It incorporates one economic element in the universe of gaming.

It wishes to change the fact that players can spend many dollars on in-game assets. Long hours spent playing this game can be taken away from them with a button’s click. It has plans to reintroduce creative thinking into games. It will give players all control of the fames and in-game assets. It will use blockchain technology.


It stands among expanding DeFi cryptos. It is a broad term describing the ecosystem of financial apps built with blockchain technology. With it, the focus is on earning interest for virtual currency deposits.

It should draw more attention to cryptocurrencies and mainly altcoins. It has tanked nearly 77 percent on a YTD basis. Yet until now, it has earned almost 5 percent over the straggling week.


The renowned blockchain network Ether attracted great interest for its pivot to the PoS consensus mechanism; it is not the only game now. It represents a PoS smart contract open-source blockchain platform. Value transfer protocol is part of it.

Its developers aimed to bring along the strengths of Bitcoin and Ether under a chain. It is built on the UTXO transaction model of Bitcoin with the extra functionality of brilliant contract execution and decentralized apps.

It takes legacy blockchains’ fundamental innovations. It improves upon them. This makes it distinct. Ether has delivered an intelligent contract concept. It empowers such innovation via real-life apps.

It is on course to secure an ugly 2022. The coin is shedding 64 percent YTD. Yet, it gained slightly more than 4 percent in the trailing week. With luck and grit, it can make it way slightly higher.


Big tech firms like Microsoft have contributed to this evolving nature of apps via business models such as Software as a Solution. It takes such an idea. It applies it for decentralized purposes through blockchain as a service. This project empowers genuine innovations of web3 via a purely decentralized ecosystem. It provides the vital high availability infrastructure for web3. Project and development teams are never forced to depend on its blockchain for using FluxOS.

Thus, they access essential infrastructure while maintaining all the unique properties of their individual chains. It is a vital piece of a well-balanced distributed computing portfolio focused on the following internet generation.

Like other cryptos, mainly high-risk altcoins, it has absorbed severe losses. The coin is almost down 55 percent from the start of this year. Yet it stands out for its near-term boost. It is up nearly 77 percent over the trailing month.


It is one of the most exciting concepts among cryptocurrencies. It represents what exactly its brand name implies. It facilitates a decentralized talent network. It connects vetted knowledge workers with the top firms worldwide.

The community that depends on it for finding work are the exact people owning and building it. It ensures the network serves all its users’ needs rather than that of a centrally-controlled corporation. The community of knowledge workers and contributors earns ownership and control of it. It is via its native BTRST token for its contributions to the network and growth. So new jobs and talent have taken part in the network at tremendous speed.

It claims that many international brands make use of the underlying service. These are Nike, Goldman Sachs, and Nestle. The implications are alluring. But BTRST is highly risky. This token often trades in a compact range. Yet it is liable to find huge spikes and upcoming crashes.


Which best alternative cryptos you consider for high roller depends on your preference and the level of risk you are ready to take. Yet if you wish to pick the best one, do proper research and seek professional help.

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