5 Basics Every Golf Player Needs To Know

Golf is one of the most popular games that people worldwide enjoy to play. However, some beginner players may find the game somewhat intimidating, it seems to have so many rules, and things you need to know when you start. Aside from that, you should also be well equipped with the necessary accessories like golf bags, golf shoes, and golf towels.

However, with some practice and instruction, anyone can really play it. Check out swingyard.com to see just how easy it could be for you. 

In order to make the most of your experience, you want to be sure that everyone on the course is safe, while you also improve your play. This is why there are some basic things you will need to know as you begin playing. 

So, today, we will introduce you to these 5 essential rules/ tips to help you get comfortable with the game, and make the most out of your golfing experience! 

#1. Know The Rules Of Etiquette

Every sport has rules of etiquette that have to be followed in order to make sure that play is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. In golf there are some important rules of etiquette for this exact reason: 

  1. You should always play ‘ready’ . This means that when it is your turn to play, you are ready and prepared to make your short. This means you will already have picked your club and will be asking for the flag stick to be removed if it is in your way. It literally means that you are ready. 
  2. You are always aware of any other players of the course, and avoid taking a long time when you play. You should carry a watch or monitor the tie on your phone, so you are not slowly down those who are behind you. This also means being aware and mindful of the environment around you and not causing damage to the course. 
  3. If you are playing in a group, you should ensure that you take turns hitting, wait for others to finish shots before you move on. 
  4. Respect the equipment of other golfers and never move or touch anyone else’s property without permission to do so. 
  5. Replace divots, repair ball marks on the green and fill in any holes. 

#2. Know How The Scoring System Works

The primary aim of a game of golf is to use as little strokes as you can in order to get the ball into the hole. Scoring is as simple as the number of strokes it takes for you to do so per round. All your strokes add up and this will be your total score for the round. 

When you are a beginner, you should not feel pressure if you shoot a low score, everyone starts somewhere, remember. 

All you should concern yourself with right now is keeping a general understanding of how you should keep score in golf. Understanding this will make it much easier for you to ensure and maintain a proper pace and stay relaxed during the course of your play. 

There is some terminology you should try to familiarize yourself with: 

  • Par: The number of strokes a course is typically designed to be done in. A majority of players will have the goal of shooting par or less on each hole. 
  • Eagle: A score that is 2 strokes below par.
  • Birdie: A score which is one stroke below par. 
  • Bogey: A score which is a single stroke above par. 
  • Double Bogey or more: A score which is two or more strokes above a hole’s par. 

#3. Respect & Care For The Course

Without all the fairways and the glamorous rolling greens there would be no place to hit shots, and the course would look pretty grim. So, it is up to each individual golfer to take good care of the golf course. 

While superintendents and keepers will do the big work to keep a course looking great, maintaining a course requires constant effort from everyone involved. Even the simple stuff such as replacing divots to repair any marks made on greens. 

Every golfer is responsible for helping to preserve the beauty of the golf course. 

If you are driving a cart, you should always be sure to listen to and stick to the directives of the course. 

Let’s go over some cart etiquette: 

  • The 90-degree ruling: If a fairway is fragile, soggy or exceptionally dry, then this rule helps to preserve the terrain. When this is in effect you need to keep the cart on the path, unless you need to complete a right angle turn across to your ball and back. This should always be followed between each ball for a golfer. Even if it seems insignificant. 
  • Path only (CPO): On occasion it may be necessary for a course to completely eliminate any and all trampling caused by carts. In this instance a CPO will become effective allowing no carts onto the green at all. This means that golfers are only allowed to walk onto fairways, and carts are not allowed. 

#4. Make Your Ball Easy To Identify

Regardless of whether you are playing alone or in a group, you need to mark your ball so that it is easier for you to pick out. It may not seem important and as a newbie you may think this is odd as all balls are the same right? Wrong. 

Besides, it is important to ensure that each golfer is playing with the correct ball to help to maintain appropriate playing pace. 

You can mark your ball in various different ways, however, most simply choose to use a Sharpie to create a unique mark. This could be your initials, dotted lines, emojis, or just a little doodle you really like. 

Whatever you choose, doing this makes it possible for you to tell your ball apart in a crowd, which you will have to do. It is also a chance to express your personality to other golfers and prevent any confusion or delays as you play your games. 

#5. Be Safe On The Course

Golf courses are gorgeous places, while specifically used for sport, they are also quite natural looking areas and can be a breath of fresh air away from busy life. But, they are not all glitz and glam, they can be dangerous if you are not cautious. 

In order to stay safe on the golf course, here are some top tips to keep you safe! 

  1. Always keep your eyes peeled and be vigilant of your surroundings. Be aware of other players, and pedestrians, and any obstacles you may face on the course.
  2. Keep your cart a good 30 ft away from the greens and always stick to designated pathways. You don’t want to walk into a ball flying at you from another player’s swing because you went off path. 
  3. Always keep your head up and stay aware of what is occurring around you. 
  4. Take note of weather conditions and listen to the forecast. Come prepared and dress appropriately for the weather. 
  5. While it may not seem like a super heavy sport, you still need to keep yourself fit and healthy. Stay hydrated, and always make sure that when golfing in hot weather you are extra mindful of how much water you are drinking. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. 

Golf is a brilliant game to play for all age groups, ability levels, and genders. By understanding the basics you are giving yourself an advantage on the golf course. It allows you to have a better and more enjoyable experience of golf in the long run too! What’s more, if you’re looking to improve your golf game, why not try out uneekor golf simulators to help you perfect your stroke.

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