5 Benefits Of Low Weather Temperatures

Some of us, especially women can’t stand cold winter weather. When we leave our warm homes, the experience may be very unpleasant. However, almost a century ago scientists found that low temperatures are very beneficial for our bodies. And here are the reasons why:

  1. More oxygen and the happiness hormone.

Scientists from Harvard University say that in winter we get 30 percent more oxygen than in summer. And this means that the blood is faster enriched with oxygen. It, in turn, increases mental activity and the ability to focus. It is especially beneficial for people of intellectual work and students. Then students, for example, can easier focus on doing biology homework, writing a good english essay, with an argumentative essay introduction in apa essay format.

Scientists from the Canadian University of Toronto have found that with small doses, the effect of low temperatures increases the production of the” happiness hormone ” – serotonin. It has been proven that moderate cold increases mental stability and mental activity.

  1. Weight loss

Some weight-loss techniques are based on the useful property of frost to speed up metabolism. In addition to improving blood circulation, it also increases metabolism. And the fat begins to be processed faster into energy “for the snowdrift”. At the same time, harmful cholesterol is burned. This means, while your body burns body fat, the excess cholesterol is decreased as well.

  1. Youth 

Many beauty treatments are based on cold exposure. For a long time in the anti-aging therapy pods. They are based on the fact that with the temporary cold exposure, blood flow to the internal organs and the smallest blood vessels improves significantly. This improves the nutrition of internal organs with oxygen and glucose. As a result, the cardiovascular system begins to work perfectly.

Scientists at Harvard University confirm that the cold temperatures calm down the skin and decrease pores’ visibility, reduce puffiness, improve the overall complexion. Besides, we can’t ignore a chic blush! Surely, the exposure to cold should be short-termed. Do not forget to use a protective cream if you are going to spend more than an hour outside.

  1. Pain relief

Professor Sergey Bubnovsky constantly talks about the beneficial effects of cold on sore joints. He says that it is better to treat arthritis and arthrosis not with warming compresses, but with short-term exposure to cold.

In fact, joint pain is a bruise, – explains professor Mikhailovich. – After all, it is not the joints themselves that hurt, but the muscle tissue that swells. We don’t treat a bruise with warm compresses, do we? We immediately apply something cold to it. Therefore, when you have joint pain, it is better to attach an ice pack for just a few minutes – no more than five. This will reduce the swelling, relieve pain, and improve blood circulation.

Also, the cold slightly narrows the blood vessels and reduces the sensitivity of the nerves. So frosts can help even with the treatment of migraines.

  1. Protection from viruses and bacteria

Therapists say that the temperature at which bacteria love to live is 0 Celsium and higher. If the humidity is also high, then this environment is the most favorable for viruses. Bacteria and viruses stop reproducing at a temperature of about minus 10-15 degrees Celsium. Similarly, the flu and colds do not like the cold. So frost is the best natural protection against these diseases.

Keep in mind

It’s important to remember the rule of moderation and start slow if you want to incorporate cold into your health routine.

In any case, do not forget to wear appropriate clothes when you go outside during cold winter times. Make sure that the shoes are always dry, and the socks are clean so that the feet do not freeze. If you feel that your feet are cold even when you come home, be sure to warm them up in hot water, and then put on warm wool socks.

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