5 best ad tech marketing conferences must-attend in 2023

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Advertising technology is developing rapidly. Many discoveries have been made recently. Specialists in this field need to be always up to date, so the list of ad tech conferences in 2023 will definitely come in handy.

Modern developments and the rapid development of the industry prepare many new and valuable work methods. As a result, you can understand how to work in new conditions, improve your skills, and replenish your knowledge at scientific meetings. Such events will occur in different parts of the world; let’s talk about a few.

Digital Food & Beverage

This seminar will take place in mid-autumn in the United Kingdom. The event will be helpful for those involved in promoting food products and services of catering establishments. The organizers limited the number of participants, which aroused great interest in the meeting. The main objectives of the conference are to discuss techniques to increase sales, replenish the customer base, and methods of product promotion.

Digital Travel Connect Europe 2023

Britain will hold another unusual seminar in May. The speakers will be representatives of booming and leading tourism and advertising companies. Such mastodons will broadcast to a very, very limited number of participants. Only ten places have been allocated, but the level of the event makes every effort to get to the event. 

Retail CIO Connect

The city of St. Albans is attracting a large number of advanced professionals to all kinds of conferences this year. A retail seminar will be held here in the second half of June. All about the use of technology and innovation in sales will be told by the industry’s leading minds. Professionals will share not only expert opinions but also practical advice that will bring results when adapting to your business.

B2B Online Berlin

At the end of this year, Berlin will host entrepreneurs who are ready to collaborate with peers to expand their reach with consumers. Of course, the use of digital technology has a positive effect on advertising a product or service. Still, collaboration with colleagues shows positive results in increasing brand awareness. Registration for the event is still ongoing, so there’s a chance to attend an iconic marketing event.

eTail Germany Connect

October will be full of events for Germany. High-class digital marketing experts will tell their colleagues about industry innovations, innovative methods of work, and practical techniques. The city of the seminar is still unknown, but the workshop level requires constant monitoring of all the information because you can not hear such useful information everywhere. However, exclusive knowledge is worth all the inconveniences. At this meeting, the speakers will be experts from such leading countries as: 

  • Germany;
  • Austria;
  • Switzerland. 

The elite of the advertising industry will talk about the possibilities of digital technology and its application in marketing.


International conferences are a positive and effective method of training specialists in new knowledge and initiation into the industry’s innovations. The previous years were difficult because of the pandemic, so the year 2023 prepared a large volume of information and many innovative ideas. Among the extensive list of events, we have highlighted five of the most anticipated. Getting to the upcoming seminars means getting the first information and methods of work and learning from the leading representatives of digital marketing. Advertising technologies are changing and improving. Falling out of the info field means losing sales and recognition. To stand still, in marketing, means to move backward. Attending conferences gives you an advantage over your competitors.

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