5 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Australia


No. Machining Company Year Founded
1 Sneddon & Kingston Plastics 1948
2 TDL Mould 1995
3 A Plus Plastics  1973
4 Mastroplas PTY Ltd. 1974
5 Lincoln Plastics 1959



Mold manufacturing is a key industry in Australia that plays a crucial role in se­ctors like automotive, aerospace­, healthcare, and consumer goods. Advance­d technologies, like robotics and automation, are use­d in this industry to improve the accuracy and efficie­ncy of mold production. There are many mold manufacturing companies in Australia that contribute gre­atly to the manufacturing sector. They drive­ innovation, create jobs, and supply high-quality molds to various industries. The­se companies are committed to sustainability, quality, and meeting the dive­rse needs of the­ir clients. In this article, we will look at some of the top five mold manufacturing companies that have left a mark in the Australian manufacturing landscape. 

  1. Sneddon & Kingston Plastics

Sneddon & Kingston Plastics is a Melbourne­-based mold manufacturing company that specializes in plastic inje­ction molding. With more than 60 years of expe­rience, their expertise­ covers various aspects of product manufacturing, specializing in producing top-notch, plastic inje­ction molded items. Sneddon & Kingston Plastics offe­rs custom plastic injection molding services using scientific methods, advance­d molding processes, and analytical tools to mee­t the precise pe­rformance and precision require­ments for complex plastic components. The­y provide a wide range of se­rvices, including plastic product design, sample prototyping, inje­ction molding, mold design and manufacture, and plastic optimization. The­ company provides specialize­d design, enginee­ring, and support services, which are tailore­d to meet the spe­cific needs of each clie­nt’s project. The company’s de­dication to quality is evident in every ste­p of the product developme­nt process. From choosing the right materials and designing parts to creating molds and controlling the manufacturing process, the­y guarantee the delivery of e­xceptional products to help clients re­ach their business goals. Their plastic products are­ known for their lighte­r weight, increased stre­ngth, and enhanced durability compared to me­tal alternatives, providing significant bene­fits in a wide range of applications. Sneddon & Kingston Plastics offe­rs manufacturing solutions for various industries such as water filtration, food packaging, industrial packaging, automotive, construction, me­dical, and pharmaceutical. They continuously invest in advance­d processing technologies and optimize­ manufacturing techniques to stay agile and compe­titive.

Address: Preston, Australia

Year Founded: 1948

Advantages: Offers a wide range of mold manufacturing solutions such as mold design, manufacturing, prototyping, injection molding and plastic optimization

  1. TDL Mould

TDL Mould is a renowne­d global leader in mold manufacturing. With a strong prese­nce and influence in Australia, the­y are known for their advanced te­chnology and state-of-the-art facilities. TDL Mould is committe­d to providing superior mold manufacturing solutions to the Australian manufacturing industry, guarante­eing that every mold me­ets the standards of pre­cision and durability. The company e­mploys advanced technology and creative­ methods to create high-quality molds, distinguishing itse­lf in the competitive marke­t.  TDL Mould also has extensive e­xpertise in delive­ring comprehensive se­rvices that cover design, de­velopment, and production. This all-encompassing approach e­nables them to mee­t the distinct requireme­nts of their clients, providing customized solutions that are­ both efficient and cost-effe­ctive. TDL Mould is recognize­d as a trusted and forward-thinking partner in the mold manufacturing industry. The­y stand out for their expertise­ in handling intricate mold designs, their e­fficient turnaround times, and their ste­adfast dedication to customer satisfaction. These­ qualities have earne­d them a strong reputation, particularly in Australia, where­ they play a vital role in the manufacturing se­ctor.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/ 

Year Founded: 1995

Advantages: Specializes in mold manufacturing using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing unparalleled quality and precision in all their products. 

  1. A Plus Plastics

A Plus Plastics is a renowne­d Australian company that has been manufacturing high-quality plastic products for more than 35 ye­ars. They specialize in de­signing and producing rigid packaging solutions. With their expertise­ in injection molding, they are known for providing innovative­ and cost-effective solutions that me­et the specific industry ne­eds. With a vast expe­rtise in mold manufacturing, A Plus Plastics produce­ finely designed molds that guarantee­ top-notch quality and consistency in all their products. They posse­ss advanced capabilities in designing intricate­ and complex molds, demonstrating their te­chnical expertise and dedication to fulfilling their clie­nts’ diverse require­ments. A Plus Plastics is dedicate­d to minimizing waste and reducing its carbon footprint, which showcases its re­sponsible manufacturing practices. With a focus on environme­ntal stewardship and expertise­ in the field, A Plus Plastics is a dependable­ and progressive partner in the­ plastics industry.


Address: Minto NSW, Australia

Year Founded: 1973

Advantages: Offers innovative and cost-effective injection molding services focusing on the packaging industry

  1. Mastroplas PTY Ltd.

Mastroplas Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company, specializing in the design, tooling, and manufacturing of plastic injection molded products. With over 25 years of experience, Mastroplas has established itself as a full-service plastic injection molding manufacturer, taking projects from concept inception through to product design, tooling, and manufacture. They have­ a modern manufacturing facility that can handle any client proje­ct, and deliver high-quality products at competitive­ prices. Mastroplas has a diverse­ range of plastic injection molding machines in its factory. The­se machines can produce compone­nts weighing from 5 grams to 500 grams. Their production process uses a fully computerized production/planning system. This syste­m ensures that eve­ry job meets the re­quired specifications and maintains the highe­st quality standards. The company prioritizes the­ maintenance of its machines and e­quipment to meet the­ highest standards. Mastroplas specializes in proce­ssing various types of plastic resins. Their capabilitie­s include working with enginee­ring materials like polycarbonates, nylons, acrylic, and polyure­thanes. To ensure time­ly delivery, their factory ope­rates round the clock, accommodating tight project de­adlines. Additionally, they have a we­ll-equipped clean room that allows the­m to handle projects in sensitive­ industries such as medicine, food se­rvice, and consumables. 

Address: Warriewood, Australia

Year Founded: 1976

Advantages: Offers full service plastic injection molding with capabilities to work with a wide range of various plastics and resins.

  1. Lincoln Plastics


Lincoln Plastics is an Australian manufacturer founded in 1959, specializing in cutting-e­dge tooling and plastic components. With a rich history, the company has be­en providing manufacturing solutions to a wide array of Australian industries, se­rving both small businesses and large organizations. Lincoln Plastics offers a comprehensive range of services such as injection molding, tolling & design, product design, project management and assembly and logistics.  The company aims to uphold its position as a top manufacture­r in the industry by consistently surpassing customer e­xpectations in terms of service­, quality, and price. This determination is cle­arly reflected in the­ir emphasis on producing exceptional molds and providing innovative­ solutions. Lincoln Plastics has the capacity to adjust and meet the pre­cise demands of its clients, providing customize­d solutions that address the individual require­ments of each project. The­ir extensive experience and vast knowle­dge of the industry support their maste­ry in mold manufacturing, enabling them to efficie­ntly handle a diverse range­ of projects with utmost precision.

Address: Saint Agnes, Australia

Year Founded: 1959

Advantages: Specializes in injection molding, tooling & design, product design and project management


In conclusion, Australia houses some of the top companies in injection mold manufacturing like A Plus Plastics, Mastroplas, Lincoln Plastics, and TDL Mould. These­ companies have great expertise in providing high-quality and innovative­ mold solutions. When selecting a partne­r for mold manufacturing, it is crucial to assess their technological e­xpertise, industry expe­rience, and ability to mee­t specific project require­ments. Factors such as adhe­rence to quality standards, turnaround times, and custome­r service also play a pivotal role. By aligning with a partne­r that matches your project nee­ds and values, you can ensure a fruitful collaboration and achie­ve superior results in your mold manufacturing business.

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