5 Best Penny Cryptocurrencies For High Returns Before The End of 2022

In today’s world when Cryptocurrencies are gaining much hype, choosing the correct one may be a bit difficult. But, if you are a beginner in this field and want lesser risks, try out investing in Penny Crypto. These digital currencies are available in cheap ranges and are affordable for everyone. Start your trading by visiting the official Tesler app.

Also, they have huge potential for growth in the coming times. And some of these projects of Penny Cryptos may offer you good returns before this year ends. We have made a list of the top penny Crypto that you can buy and earn a good amount of profit before the end of this year.

Top 5 Penny Crypto To Get This Year

There is a long list of such affordable Cryptocurrencies. It may get a bit tough to find the right one for yourself.

These are:

Battle Infinity:

This is quite an affordable Crypto and can get you some high returns. It completely sold out all Tokens within a day of the presale. This fact reflects how popular and high the demand for this coin is! You must check its listing on PancakeSwap if you are planning to buy a similar one.

It has earned the position of being one of the best coins available under 1 USD. With this Crypto, you will be able to play and access around 6 other platforms along with earning rewards.


Another very famous Crypto, Tamadoge is a very popular NFT project. Here, you can play and earn rewards that are too good to miss! You can buy and take care of NFT-based pets in this outlet and use them in battles when required.

Its native token has utility, which is not found in many other meme coins. By playing, you can redeem the rewards in different currencies too. In the presale, they can raise more than 13 million USD. With its lowest prices in the market, it has huge growth potential as a Crypto project.

Lucky Block:

Another Penny Crypto which is attracting investors these days is Lucky Block. Here, you can opt for multiple options to earn if you are a token holder. Also, you will be able to participate in the NFT competitions. You can earn benefits from the capital profits provided by the platform as well.

It gets listed on some prominent exchanges which lead to its bullish trends. And, with the current developments taking place in the platform, it is sure that the coin will grow.


Penny Crypto can be such which are available for under 5 USD. But, this coin is present for around 0.39 USD in the market. This is the native token of Ripple and is now listed for a minimum rate of 0.39 USD.

It’s all-time high rate was somewhere around 3.30 USD during a great bullish run. And during this period, the investors who invested in this coin earned more than 2000% returns! Though this token has not been on a giant rally last year like other dominant coins, it has a strong position in the market. In terms of the market capitalization of Cryptocurrencies, it is still in the top 10.

Stellar Lumens:

If you are concerned about XRP’s lawsuit you can choose this coin as an alternative. It provides several benefits to its users. These include minimal transaction fees for cross-border payments along with faster payments.

On this platform, you can easily transfer XLM in a matter of seconds to any part of the globe. And, it will charge a minimal cost for this service. There is no need to fill out any long forms or wait for long periods for transactions. It makes the transactions easier and a simple process that you can access from home.


This penny Crypto is the best way to start your investment journey in this market. You can start with coins that range from less than 1 USD. If you want to cut down risks, you can opt for these low-ranging coins as well. These are the best ways to diversify your portfolio and earn more gains in returns.

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