5 Best Pot Stocks for 2019

The legal marijuana market worldwide is currently valued at over 9 billion dollars. While that number may not be all that impressive when compared to other major industries, what we love about marijuana is that this industry is set to explode.

Countries that are leaders of culture all over the world including the USA, Canada, and England are relaxing on and outright legalizing marijuana use which is not only producing more tax revenue for communities but is also creating more investment opportunities for people like you.

If you’re not sure which pot stocks are worth getting on the ground floor of in 2019, we’ve got you covered. Below, we fire-off 5 of the best pot stocks that we think are worth looking into.

  1. Canopy Growth (CGC)

Canopy Growth is considered to be a bullish best pot stocks buy, according to many of the industry’s top analysts. Despite being a darling among those in “the know”, honestly, the stock has unperformed.

Early 2019 was not a good time for CGC and they have experienced some sharp losses. Still, Canopy enjoys strong backing from “Constellation Brands” (an adult beverage maker) and is hanging tough.

We still expect great things from it.

  1. Cronos Group (CRON)

Cronos Group has benefited tremendously from its recent announcement that it’s going to be partnering with tobacco company Alta Group.

Beyond that key partnership, we like where Cronos’ headspace is at in regard to vapes. The company has released a number of outstanding products in the eJuice space which is proving to be a great booster of profits.

  1. Tilray (TLRY)

Tilray is the best pot stocks pick that has a lot of people talking this year. The stock is backed by Barclays and has grown by over 400% since going public.

Tilray has had some ups and downs since its IPO undoubtedly. We’re seeing it holding steady at around $100.00 per share now though which garnering a ton of attention.

  1. Origin House (ORHOF)

Origin House has taken over the largest legal marijuana market in the world. The state of California.

Within the state, Origin House distributes 50 well-liked brands that are present in just under 500 dispensaries.

We like Origin House as a long term foundational piece in marijuana investor’s portfolios.

  1. Aleafia Health (ALEAF)

The increasing legality of marijuana has actually hurt some companies. Namely, companies that had dominated the medical marijuana space.

Aleafia is one of those companies.

Despite it losing some ground with the industry blowing open, we still like Aleafia because it boasts a large referral network with Canadian physicians and is one of the best medical marijuana investment opportunities you can take advantage of.

Closing Out on Our Best Pot Stocks Picks

There are a lot of best pot stocks possibilities in the market today. We think that our suggestions above are well suited for the long-term investor that’s trying to build predictable wealth of the next 10+ years.

If you’re trying to maximize your portfolio, the best thing that you can do is understand the industries you’re putting money into inside and out. To do that easily and effectively, we recommend checking out more of our content on Market Business News today!