5 Best Price Comparison Apps – Save More to Spend More

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” 

-Warren Buffett

Ultimate saving is the goal everyone wants to achieve somehow in one or in the other way. But, it becomes quite an unachievable task, looking at the inflation rates speedily going up. Amidst this, grocery is an integral part of everyone’s daily functioning, but inflation has affected the pricing to the next level.

Besides, only some have the chips-on to spend without thinking twice, so price comparison apps are necessary to get the best deals and discounts to fulfill everyday grocery needs.

There are so many grocery delivery apps that make online stores more reliable in the USA and UK. But, which one gives better prices whether it is Tesco online shopping app UK or Walmart in the USA, or any other? Hence, to avoid confusion between prices go through these top five price comparison apps that can give the best discounts that offer deals online and offline.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s go ahead and learn about these five price comparison apps you can use during your regular grocery shopping.

Top 5 Supermarket Price Comparison Apps for Smart Shopping

The comparison between Deliveroo vs UberEats is quite popular in the market. People are often confused about which one to choose between those apps. And we know that you are the one who is actively searching for the best deals and discount-giving apps around the corner. That is the reason we are here to present you with the top five selected price comparison apps by us available in the market:

1. Instacart

It is an online grocery store that does not look like a price comparison app but does serve the necessary purpose. Besides, it will also help you accurately compare the prices between the merchants and pick the best deals. The app will help you compare the prices of over 150 stores that are available online.

Above comparison, this online grocery delivery app will also help you buy them at the chosen price. Therefore, this app will provide access to both services in a single grocery store. Moreover, the app will showcase major deals and coupons on certain products if there is an item on your shopping list that you can find quickly with just mere tags. Hence, it can be considered an all-in-one online grocery shopping app.

2. Flipp

This app can help you shop with your spouse, children, or roommate. They can search for items, find sale prices and get the best deals. Besides, it can help to browse the stores near you. They can also find deals in the grocery stores that are merely available near them. It is widely used by millions of shoppers in North America and connects to many retailers nationwide.

Flipp will also help create cumulative and combined lists so you can organize your extensive list of products properly and productively. If you are finding a grocery store offline, you need to switch your current location with the help of this app, where you can get the best deals and discounts around you.

3. Grocery Pal

An app that helps you manage your various shopping lists and users as you can easily find them under one platform. It also manages over 200 major retailers across the USA and is considered one of the best for creating and sharing a long list of items. Grocery Pal is built to help you get the price comparison and will also track your savings on every order and give the order summary on your lastly ordered items.

The process of comparing items with a grocery pal is simple. You can enter the following bits of the items or scan the barcode to search for the discounts and prices available on that particular item. It is a great way to organize weekly shopping and save more on weekly shopping activities. It will help you create awareness of your saving and spending habits.

4. Price Cruncher

The plethora of merchants or retailers comes with such an exclusive availability of deals; confusion can be obvious for the user about which one to choose. But with the Price Cruncher app, it becomes easy to decide which one to choose, and it also comes without any complex features, so it becomes handy for the end-users.

Besides, it is a simple and useful app that will easily help you save, categorize, and help in comparing prices. That is mainly a downside of the app that will help you enter the best prices to compare and helps store data from the merchants. There is a tool that can track performance every hour of every day across difficulties in different countries, categories, and devices.

5. Basket Savings

It is one of the most precise comparison apps not built on additional tips or tricks but will help you find the prices for the items and grocery stores nearby. Besides, it will help you make an informed decision before going grocery shopping.

Moreover, it will help you in providing the best groceries at your doorstep, but will also keep you updated on all the nearest stores. And this app will find the best deal or sale going on in the particular store that you are pre-planning to visit in your area. Besides, these apps are free to download and have no in-app purchases for the end-users. It has a few features and UI that can be easily usable for the end-users to get the best deals and discounts on your list of products. 


With the help of these price comparison apps, the end goal of every shopper is achieved to get better and discounted prices while they are on their shopping spree. The main thing to consider while trying to find the right app amongst the top five apps by analyzing it through features.

Therefore, if your core plan is to serve yummy food daily to your family, pick this list of price comparison apps, as they can help you keep track of all expenses and savings. Besides, they  can help calculate and pick a deal or discount that is best and will help save better.

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