5 Best Thermometer Apps to Use in 2021

A thermometer is in the need of the hour nowadays, everyone wants to know their temperature because we all know that the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading like anything, so we should be aware of our body temperature all the time because ”

Precaution is always better than cure”. You should also know your current temperature, as fever is the most common symptom, so for that, I would suggest that you should keep your thermometer handy as all the hospitals are already full of patients these days and no one will entertain you for just a temperature check-up that’s why I have made a list of the best Thermometer Apps which you can use for your safety-

1. Smart Thermometer App-

It has a whopping 5 million-plus downloads, which ensures its credibility. It displays humidity and pressure along with the temperature. It has a very good sensor mechanism, you just have to switch on your GPS whenever you want to use it. You can also use a fake GPS app for fake locations and temperatures.

2. Fever tracker-

If you want leaves from your boss or want to bunk your school then this app will help you, in this app, you can make a report of your temperature and send it to anyone you want. You just have to put your finger and it will give you all the details like temperature, fever, when it has started or when it is at its peak and so forth. It is only for android users.

3. iThermonitor-

This thermometer is for both android and iOS user, it has many unique and updated features as compared to other apps. It gives you a 24/7 analysis of your fever by collecting your data every 4 seconds so that your doctor will get to know your progression of fever. It has a collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, an affiliated hospital of Harvard Medical School which means very good news. It has a smart high-temperature alert.

4. Thermo-

Now that I have given you enough human thermometers, this one is for the outside temperature, you just have to switch on your geo-location and it will give you all the details. If you want to know about the temperature of your home then also it will help you in getting the temperature of all your rooms. This one is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Thermometer and Hygrometer-

This app is used to measure the temperature on your smartphones for free. It can measure the temperature of the air, the temperature of the battery, the temperature of the CPU because it has a built-in sensor. It has a hygrometer also which displays humidity and the speed of the wind. Hygrometer shows only outside temperature not inside. This thermometer and hygrometer displays the most accurate temperature of all.

These are the 5 best thermometers which I would suggest everyone give a try as these apps will give you full details of the temperature of your location. A link to all five of these apps can be found in the above description so check out these thermometers and stay safe and healthy.

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