5 businesses where reviews are one of the most important factors

Before the internet, blind faith was the usual approach to new products if you lacked a friend’s opinions to lean on. Then came the review and everything changed.

Although reviews are not a new concept, the explosion of the digital age allowed just about anyone to leave a review on a product or service, greatly improving the end-user experience. Quality has now been overshadowed by your rating, with some businesses even more affected.

5. Restaurants:

High-class restaurants always had the opinion of food critics to wager their livelihoods on with razor-thin profit margins. Now, a single point taken off of your star rating on Google is enough to damn your restaurant to never be eaten at again.

Reviews are incredibly integral to a restaurant’s success due, among other things, competition. Food holds a special place in the heart of humanity, a fact that many people try to take advantage of, creating dozens of incredible restaurants and, sadly, not enough eaters.

4. Online Casinos:

We should all be trusted and trustable…

Trust is at the forefront of the casino experience, whether physical or digital. When the holding of money is involved in any measurable way, people tend to get antsy about their earnings, which is why the masses consult trusted online casino reviews diligently as a way to secure their profits.

With the sudden explosion of the iGaming industry in the past decade and a large number of online casinos popping up, there is a similar motif of intense competition as restaurants. Being the best is simply not enough these days, but the best reviewed might be enough.

3. Video games:

With the power of the people on display, video game companies are careful not to upset anyone lest their game gets review bombed. Especially clear with the decline in physical locations, video games may soon only have Steam reviews to rely on for their sales.

Bread and circuses

Similar to restaurants, video games take an interesting advantage of humanity’s need for play. First exploited in chess and mahjong, now exploited by Fortnite and God of War. This fact takes a clinically online audience cautious of bad reviews and combines it with intense competition to create an atmosphere where a review is everything.

2. Clothing:

Perhaps one of the most obvious on the list, clothing retailers, relying more and more on digital sales, have a burning need for good reviews to keep their business afloat. This is double true for smaller independent companies, who already struggle to gain popularity.

Retailers often pump out a stupendous amount of effort into their seasonal clothes and stockpile large quantities. Not selling this stock, subject to bad reviews online, is tantamount to a stark decline in the business, with some serious bailing out needed.

1. Law firms:

The law is complicated, tedious and often a slog to read through. Nonetheless, it forms the backbone of our society. Without lawyers and the constitutions that our countries are based upon, we would seldom have the rights of property and speech.

In light of this, the law can be deadly serious. When you have the entire country’s justice system against you, you need to take care that you contact the right law firm, which is where the importance of reviews is greatest, combing through to find the right firm for you.

What should I do with all this info?

Reviews affect the way we live our lives, from the companies we choose to support to the clothes we wear and the food we consume. Knowing which business depends the most on our good word perhaps gives us a better incentive to make a difference to their reputation.

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