5 Cannabis Products Shaking Up the Cannabis Industry

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The market for cannabis products has exploded over the past couple of years following its rolling legalization throughout the states. Just 5 years ago if someone asked you about how you can consume cannabis you would probably just say smoking or possibly pot brownies or other baked items. Now you can’t go an extended period of time without hearing about a new product infused with CBD – something Carl’s Jr. even joined in on with their CBD burgers in 2019.

Cannabis and cannabis oil-infused products are now mainstream and we are discovering new ways to utilize the beneficial compounds within the plant. This is making the herb much more accessible to the average consumer who might be scared off by having to smoke it. This poses a possible threat to traditional marijuana producers and is forcing them to pivot to new products to keep up with the trends.

Cannabis-Infused Skin Care & Beauty Products

Marijuana users have long been touting the benefits of using marijuana and for a good portion of these claims, there is evidence that backs it up. One field that you may not have expected to see cannabis in is skincare. The skincare industry is always working to find the next big thing to keep you looking youthful.

Cannabis has long been known to be a great anti-inflammatory and does well when used in facial creams that work to moisturize the skin as well as provide a euphoric feeling. While it is newer to the market it is almost a lock as a mainstay going forward with many industry-leading companies offering hemp or cannabis infused skincare products.

Cannabis Chocolates

Chocolate vitamin supplements have become more popular recently as people have been searching for ways to make their daily supplements something they look forward to instead of dread. After all, who doesn’t like an excuse to eat chocolate in the morning? There are companies producing chocolate supplements for relaxation, focus, and even prenatal supplements.

Today you can find cannabis chocolates for a variety of needs. Need help chilling out? These hemp-oil-infused chocolates are for you. Need help focusing on a test or a big project? There’s a CBD chocolate for that. The best part is that the taste left in your mouth will be chocolate not weed.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages

One of the areas that are seeing a rise in popularity as the terpene extraction technology improves is cannabis beverages and THC sodas. In the past liquid marijuana, drinks wouldn’t be so liquid. In fact, they would have bits of weed floating in them which made for not the most pleasant drinking experience.

This has changed more recently as some companies have been able to extract all the full spectrum benefits of cannabis plants without including the sometimes offputting aroma and flavor. That means you can imbibe in cannabis sodas and taste nothing but the flavors of Guava or Mango

Cannabis Gummies

Vitamin supplement gummies are an exploding market in their own right with apple cider vinegar gummies and other supplements. Maybe it’s because of the nostalgia associated with Flinstone gummies or maybe we just like candy. Either way, it is a supplement delivery method that isn’t going anywhere. 

Cannabis-infused gummies have not been excluded from this meteoric rise. Beyond simple tinctures, CBD gummies are one of the most popular ways people choose to take their CBD. It gives people a convenient way to get an accurate dose of CBD with a tasty flavor. Today you can find cannabis gummies in flavors like cherry or lemon-lime. Uses include focus, sleep aids

Cannabis Dog Treats

Our furry friends aren’t left out on this cannabis trend. Recently, CBD dog treats have seen a rise in popularity to help mellow out pets with high energy levels. While this may sound a bit odd at first glance CBD is perfectly safe for consumption by our pets within the recommended levels.

Owners have been raving about the relief their pets have been receiving for anxiety, joint pain, cancer, and more. So far all benefits from CBD and other cannabis products at this point are anecdotal. Steps are being taken in research by the FDA to certify its utility.

It has never been easier to get the benefits of cannabis. Smoking is no longer the only way you can get the benefits of marijuana. Whether you are looking to ease anxiety, improve your skin, or just chill you should consider obtaining an Online Medical Card to have access to millions of prouducts. Get the benefits of cannabis in a form and flavor that you find appetizing.

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