5 Car Parts That Get Damaged the Most 

Every year, millions of accidents happen out on the world’s roads. As a result, cars experience a lot of damage — and specific car parts get damaged more than others. Here, you can discover the five car parts that get damaged the most and how you can fix them if you ever get into an accident. Let’s begin. 

  • Wheels 

Whether you drive over a pothole or slam into the side of another vehicle, it doesn’t take much for car wheels to become damaged. As a car owner, this can be extremely frustrating, as the wheels are the most important part of your car (no wheels, no party). 

So, if your alloy wheels get damaged in the future or are currently in need of refurbishment, it’s recommended that you get diamond cut alloy repair at Rolling Rims. Once the service is done, your car will look and feel brand-new. 

  • Rear Bumper 

At some point in time, almost everyone has had a vehicle run into the back of their car and cause damage to the rear bumper. It’s a scary experience — and one that usually leaves the rear bumper in a complete mess. If this ever happens to you, go to a vehicle repair shop as soon as you can. If left unrepaired, you can worsen the structural damage to your car, which is obviously something you don’t want to happen. 

  • Windows

Naturally, windows also take a considerable amount of damage after accidents. They go through a rough time, from cracks to being completely smashed to pieces. Fortunately, though, windows are one of the easiest parts of a car to repair or replace. Best of all, after being in accidents where the windows get damaged, many car owners opt to get their windows tinted, which is fast becoming one of the most popular trends in the automotive industry today. 

  • Hood

When you see a car get into a crash, its hood usually doesn’t make it out unscathed. In most cases (if the damage is especially bad), auto body technicians won’t even attempt to repair the hood. Instead, they’ll simply recommend that you get it replaced with a stronger and more securer one. 

  • Doors 

Doors almost always get damaged during side-on collisions. From noticeable scratches to big dents, the damages can vary. For example, if your car doors are only minorly scratched, you can simply spray them with new paint. In more extreme circumstances, where the doors have been completely destroyed, the best option is to have them replaced entirely. Although this can be slightly expensive, it’s the best thing to do. 


You now know the five car parts that get damaged the most. Whether your car’s wheels or doors get damaged, make sure that you get them repaired quickly. Remember, providing you’re insured, and the accident wasn’t your fault, and you should be able to get the damages repaired for free through insurance coverage. If not, you’ll have to cover the costs yourself. 

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