5 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Teams in 2023

As we advance toward the future, we rely on technology to simplify our everyday tasks. This is no exception in the business field as well. Businesses adapt technology to automate and streamline multiple processes and reduce the chances of human error. Since software tech has many benefits, you might think that they are costly to procure, but that’s not the case.

Besides that, technology also allows businesses to work with talent from all across the world hassle-free, further saving them money. But, commanding a fleet of remote workers can be very difficult and cause unrelenting stress. 

To help you manage all your remote teams, we prepared some tips that will help you start 2023 prepared.

Keep track of the performance

It can take time to keep track of your remote team’s performances. For this reason, you should implement software that will do that work for you. Time tracking software allows you to gather relevant work data and use it to optimize the performance of your entire workforce.

With the help of data, you can set employees up for success and expect to complete all deadlines as you will know precisely how many employees to allocate to that particular project. In addition, you will have a better idea of how much time your employees need to complete a certain task. With that information in hand, you can better plan your work agenda and ensure your employees are not overburdened with work.

Besides enabling business operations to flow seamlessly, this type of software is also equipped with a working hours tracker, making things much easier for you when calculating payroll. A simple miscalculation can tarnish your relationship with an employee, so it’s better to leave the complexities to the machines and exclude human error altogether.

Communicate actively

It’s essential to keep in touch with your remote team to gather feedback on how you can optimize the work process and how the overall project can benefit from a new feature or an addition of a  new member.

Most businesses use communication platforms such as Slack. It’s easy to use and completely free. All you employees have to do is simply sign up with their email address and contact info.

Communication is the key to success; you should communicate daily with your remote team to ensure they are on the right track. In addition, you might sometimes want to interact with your employees. For example, to check whether they like working for you and whether they will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Rather than writing long texts, you can schedule a meeting on Zoom and talk “face to face” with your employees.

Use project management software

Ogranaziton is a big part of your business success. If your business sets a clear goal for your remote team, they can perform their everyday duties effectively. This is why you need project management software.

One of the most popular and free project management software is Trello, and you can easily find it with a quick browser search. With this type of software, you can have a handy overview of what’s completed, what needs to be completed, and which deadlines were missed.

You can easily assign tasks and add a deadline date to them so that the employee knows whether to allocate more time for that assignment.

Foster teamwork but allow freedom

While it’s true that teamwork makes the dream work, some employees prefer to work alone. Therefore, carefully observe how your employees react to work in large teams and whether the productivity output increases or decreases.

You can ask all of your employees whether they are okay with working in pairs or larger groups so that you can better optimize your entire workforce for success.

Offer your team flexibility

The main appeal of remote work is that employees can work anytime they feel most productive. Some prefer to work during the afternoon, while others want to work early in the morning. 

In addition to that, since they are working from home, they won’t feel as much pressure as they would in the office. So, do not burden your employees to show up and write you a message on Slack each morning at 8 o’clock. Allow them to work their way and let them present you their completed tasks at the end of each day.

Final thoughts

In the modern day of business, remote work is becoming more popular. However, only a tiny percentage of businesses achieve success after implementing it. For many companies, having a remote workforce is much better and less costly. While for others, it’s a complete loss of control over their workforce.

But, one big advantage for businesses is that remote workers are self-motivated. You won’t have to write them motivational messages to prompt them to work more efficiently. 

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