5 Great Benefits of a Cold Air Intake for Your Car’s Engine

Though there are many different ways to increase the performance of your vehicle today. Some upgrades tend to be more effective and efficient than others. Therefore, if you are thinking about the value and the worth of adding a cold air intake for your car’s engine, you may want to review the key benefits first. Some of which may even be overlooked by today’s car enthusiasts.

With that being said, here are 5 key benefits that you should check out as you make your decision for your next upgrade.

Top 5 Benefits of a Cold Air Intake for Your Car

  1. Increases Horsepower

First of all, you should know that the cold air intake system is designed for a number of purposes and reasons. One of the most commonly known by car owners is usually to bring cooler air into the internal combustion engine.

As this cooler air moves in, according to Autoexpro.com, there are at least 3 things that happen right away.

  • Increase in the horsepower of the engine
  • Fuel burns more efficiently
  • Horsepower ranges depend on the configuration of the vehicle.
  1. Engine Sounds Smoother

For those of you who like the sounds of a smooth fuller sound engine, you may want to think about installing a cold air intake system.

A cold air intake system will not only give off a more robust sound, the ride can still be quiet if you also add the right muffler, too.

  1. Increases Acceleration

As mentioned above, there are a host of benefits of installing a cold air intake. One of the most essential is increasing your vehicle’s acceleration. This is extremely important when you driving on the busy streets and highways, particularly when you need to pass another vehicle safely.

  1. Increases Miles

With the price of gas constantly skyrocketing in the United States, people are always looking for the best ways to save money. Based on each individual’s circumstances, they may even trade in their vehicle for a car that is more energy-efficient.

In fact, if you really want to save money and continue to drive the same vehicle, you may want to consider adding a cold air intake system to your vehicle. This is because a cold air intake system will improve your air to fuel ratio, while also burning less fuel as you drive.

Also, once you add this upgrade, you’ll notice that you will make fewer trips to the gas station, too.

  1. Uses Removable Filters

In addition to increasing the miles per gallon that you can drive daily, you will also have much better filters. Unlike the traditional disposable paper filters that you need to replace frequently, these cold air intake systems work differently. For instance, the filters in these systems are more durable and sturdy and will last a lot longer than paper filters.

Also, since these filters are not made of paper materials, they can be removed and cleaned instead. These filters will not only save money and time, but also be changed out less frequently (i.e. every 25,000 to 50,000 miles).

Final Words

Installing a cold air intake system on your vehicle is beneficial in a number of ways. Some of the most common benefits include increasing the miles per gallon, replacing disposable filters with filters that can be cleaned and increasing your car’s horsepower.

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