5 Great Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury case can throw you off balance in so many ways. There’s the pain and suffering, possibly lost income, and trauma that comes with it. This is not to mention the costs involved in treating injuries, or in the worst-case scenario, burying a loved one. In simpler terms, there’s not a definitive plan to prepare for one who succumbed to their injuries.

If you’ve been involved in whatever type of personal injury case, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether your attorney will hustle you up for their benefit or how it might be stressful for you to file for a lawsuit.

While it might be a bit tempting to hire the first lawyer you can get, you’ll be better off knowing that you have legal representation that beats the odds. Thoroughly vetting your candidates to find the right lawyer is not only helpful but a necessity in helping you win a not-so-forthcoming case. 

To help you out, below are some great questions to ask your personal injury lawyer.

1. Do You Work on A Contingency Fee Agreement?

The fine prints of most personal injury attorney agreements require that they work on a contingency plan basis. Before hiring just any attorney, ensure that you’ve gone through the retainer documents to know what your attorney requires in terms of the charges they might require.  

So, how much should a personal injury attorney charge you? This will be an important question to ask as it might help determine the settlement fee. Going by the Phoenix personal injury lawyers sentiments, a contingent fee billing plan allows you to withhold payments due to your attorney up until your claim has positive results and damages are recovered. This means that there will be no retainer charges, no billing, or any reasons to worry about case stalling.

2. What’s Your Level of Commitment/Participation?

When looking at a personal injury case, you may need an attorney who by brute force, will require a detailed account of the outpourings surrounding your lawsuit. Whether it was an occupational injury, car crash, or a defective product issue, consider hiring an attorney who has the willingness and the capabilities to investigate your case and represent you to the fullest based on truth, facts, and evidence. 

An attorney with a higher level of involvement in your case will have heightened chances of discovering major and minor intricacies that could quickly turn the odds in your favor. Beyond providing legal counsel, great personal injury attorneys will also be willing to negotiate settlements with defendants and insurance companies out of court. 

They’ll also stick with you to protect your rights even if it means going to trial. This level of confidence can go a long way in boosting your chances of success and even maximizing the compensation due to you. 

3. Are They Experienced Enough to Handle Your Case? Ask Them!

Hiring an attorney who’s familiar with your specific case could in so many ways help you beat the odds. An experienced attorney will have invaluable skills in navigating court procedures as well as in handling insurance brokers. This is a leg up when it comes to maximizing your compensation benefits.

A personal injury attorney with a winning track record might help assure you of a victorious case even amidst a challenging lawsuit. Having handled similar cases should give your attorney an upper hand and a familiarity with the legal processes involved.

The last thing you want is to hire a personal injury attorney who doubles up as an attorney in other fields. An attorney who’s specialized in your area of concern should be a plus as not all personal injury attorneys will be qualified enough to tackle complex personal injury cases. 

Additionally, experienced injury lawyers will have traits and characteristics that go with the title. These might include the following:

Great Traits To Look For In An Injury Lawyer

  • A high level of professionalism – A well-pointed attorney should be a sign that they’ll have the capabilities to help you with your case. Attorneys who rush into cases are oftentimes viewed as unprofessional as they do not have the time to investigate and go into case specifics.
  • Compassion – Working with a compassionate individual is an incredibly rewarding venture. Personal injury cases are emotionally taxing and they can drain an unwilling heart. Do not hire a personal injury attorney who’s too blunt or seems to be distant from your preference.
  • Trustworthiness – This is an essential trait that all lawyers should possess, legally so to speak. Honesty… Trust is an important element in most personal injury cases. One thing to note is that it can be a tough road to build trust with a stranger. Once this barrier is broken, the dimensions in your case will seem clear and vivid.
  • Transparency and integrity – These are important character traits to look for in a personal injury attorney. Transparency and integrity are an integral part of the legal duties performed by attorneys. Do not hire personal injury lawyers with promissory notes or attorneys who will not be willing to put in the time and effort in handling your case.
  • Reliable – Consider hiring an attorney with a central point of location. A transient personal injury attorney will not provide you with the relief you might require. While on the same note, you need an attorney who will be available through your preferred communication channels.
  • They must be respectable – You need to find an attorney who is well respected within a certain niche of the law. They should have peers who will highly recommend them and clients who’ll have positive testimonials.

4. Are They Great Negotiators?

A personal injury attorney will not only need to be committed to the case but they’ll also need to have exemplary negotiation skills. The best deals on the table will have to be fought over in words and writing. While some attorneys will entertain some fair deal offers, consider an attorney who’s willing to go the extra mile – even while it means going to trial – for the best settlement.

5. Will Your Case Take Long?

Life’s notoriously unpredictable these days, and the same can be expected with personal injury cases. An attorney who provides you with a definite and irrevocable amount of time will not only save you money but they’ll also provide you with some peace of mind.

Finding the right personal injury attorney might seem like an uphill task, especially, in a society where values and ethics have been forgotten. The above are questions that might help verify whether you’ve found the right attorney or not. Most importantly, ask around as your peers might have some suggestions that could help put an end to a long search.