5 Health Benefits of Marriage

Did you know that marriage offers health benefits that go beyond feelings of happiness?

Whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental, there are many health benefits to being happily married. A European matchmaker allows you to create a connection with your spouse that only grows stronger with time.

Learn more about why it’s worth considering marriage for not only the love of another person but for your own well-being.

1. Personal Growth

We all strive for personal growth. Married couples support each other with the goal of growing individually and as a couple.

Having a strong support system aids us in our personal growth journey. If you’ve found someone that supports you and has your best interest at heart, you can feel safe becoming who you want to be.

For example, a step on the journey to personal growth could be determining your values. So when you go to pop the question, perhaps you opt for ethical lab grown diamond rings over mined ones. With your partner, you can determine what’s most important to you and you two as a couple and grow together.

2. Sense of Stability

When you’re in a happy and comfortable marriage, you tend to feel safe, giving you a sense of stability.

Fears and worries are less, and you feel calm and ready to concentrate on reaching goals together and individually. When people get married, they create a relationship that gives them safety and security, and a sense of belonging together.

Feeling safe, secure, and stable are signs of a good relationship that contribute to health benefits. Feeling this way tends to lower tension and stress levels in a relationship, which boosts your overall health.

3. Accountability

Knowing you have someone holding you accountable motivates you to continue on a healthy path. You’re able to have someone who makes sure you continue to exercise or eat healthily.

It’s also more fun doing things with someone’s company. Whether it is swimming, bike riding, walking, or grocery shopping, it’s nice to be accompanied by a loved one.

Do you insist you’re “fine” even when you’re not? Having a spouse who keeps you accountable is a major benefit. Accountability is needed, as it would be easier to give up on goals or slip up more than you should without it.

4. Benefits of Emotional Support

One of the most important and beneficial things about marriage is the emotional support that comes from it. When a partner gets ill, the other person is there to take care of them and bring them back to health.

There are studies that show those in a happy marriage usually have a shorter recovery time. Going through surgery or experiencing something traumatic can be difficult to go through alone. The trauma can be reduced by knowing they have a loving spouse by their side.

This doesn’t mean that just because you’re married, you will have these health benefits. Those in unhappy marriages may be feeling worse off than someone who is single with a supportive and caring family, friends, and loved ones.

5. Peaceful Sleep

Sleep is required for good health no matter who you are. So, when you lack sleep it can cause a number of health issues like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, or stroke.

The benefits of sharing a bed with your spouse include less insomnia and fatigue. It also helps you fall asleep faster, which means more time sleeping.

Let Marriage Provide a Healthier Future 

A healthy marriage consists of two people that are committed, supportive, and respectful toward one another.

Of course, these benefits may not apply to those in unhappy marriages. However, if you’re on the fence about whether marriage as a concept is a worthy adventure, don’t forget that there’s a lot to be gained from commitment, including the benefits above.

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