5 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Getting your home renovated is in one word – stressful. After all, it is expensive. On top of that, it requires you to manage a workforce that is composed of contractors, laborers, architects, and designers.

According to the Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide:

“Remodeling includes plenty of issues: materials, contractors, planned and unpredictable loans, design choice, search for tools, and more.”

Renovation mistakes to avoid image 22009Therefore, it is easy for any average homeowner to fall into complicated and costly mistakes. Some renovation mistakes are so expensive that they can turn your project into the nightmare you will be trying to figure out for years to come. 

Here I have rounded up some pitfalls you should avoid while remodeling your property

Setting Unrealistic Budget:

Renovations can be more complicated than simply your budget. Maybe you end up with outdated wiring while getting your roof repaired. What if you find that your pipes are corroded while replacing the faucets? 

The point is here that the repairs can be more significant than your expectations, especially if you have an older home. 

There can be more expensive hidden issues beneath your walls and ceilings. Even the most experienced contractor can’t predict these costly surprises before work starts. 

Therefore, side aside at least 20% more than the budget you have set for your home renovation. 

Going for the Lowest Estimate:

If you are like most homeowners, you are likely to go with the lowest renovation quotes to save money. If the renovation costs are dramatically less than other quotes, it is a red flag that the contractor is cutting a corner or excluding some critical parts of the .  

Here’s a way to find the right quote. 

Look for common elements among the estimates you get from the contractors. If there’s a number that keeps appearing, it is likely the reasonable cost. For example, if most quotes feature the amount 500-600 C$, this can be the actual cost of renovation. 

From there, you can choose which contractor is right for your project. Research their work and look into their online reviews to determine their quality. 

Doing it Yourself (DIY):

To save on costly renovations and contractor’s fee, most of us “love” DIY solutions. There are many DIY shows available on TV and the Internet as well. 

But DIY is the right choice only if you own the proper skills. Relying on guesswork can cause many problems down the road. 

Have you ever conducted any large scale home renovation projects before? Do you know how to deal with tasks like plumbing and electrical work? If, you answered “NO” – it is better to hire the professionals rather than doing things on your own.

Not Choosing the Right Contractor:

How do you choose a contractor? Choosing the right contractor can make the difference between a great job and an utter nightmare. 

Whether you are looking for home renovations in Calgary or Edmonton, make sure to follow the steps given below to make the best hire. 

  • They should be licensed and have worker’s compensation and liability insurance as well as be bonded. 
  • Ask for references and then call their clients to know how responsive the contractor was. 
  • Check their profile at the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or even Facebook
  • Look for experience, attentiveness, and efficiency. 

(Note: Don’t hesitate to pay up to 20% more if it means the difference between a quality contractor and an inferior one.)

Not Having a Contract and Plan:

After hiring a contractor, have a detailed written contract prepared. You and your contractor will sign it. 

This agreement should include the scope of work, the materials, deadline, cleanup, responsibilities, the total prices, and the payment schedule. 

It should also describe the order in which the renovation will be carried out. Upgrade the contract any time the plan changes, and work with your contractor to achieve the goals. 

So these are some mistakes you should avoid when renovating or adding on to your property. This way, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of getting your project done on time, within your budget, and with absolutely pleasant results.