5 HR Tools to Optimize Your Recruiting in 2022

To achieve your business objectives, you need to find the right team.

Sadly, without an efficient recruitment process, you’ll struggle and spend too much time assessing applications and can still end up with a candidate who doesn’t wholly fit the company’s culture.

Pinpointing the people with the right competence and skill can also be laborious and time-consuming, especially if you have to go through hundreds of resumes. 

The good news is, Human Resource (HR) tools can automate and streamline the whole process of finding the right people for the job. 

Why do you need HR and recruitment tools?

The benefits HR and recruitment tools can bring to a company is far-reaching. Below are glaring benefits you can enjoy when using HR and recruitment tools.

  1. Skyrocket recruiter productivity. Instead of your recruiter manually reading the contents of hundreds of paper resumes, they can set filters or type in keywords in their recruitment software to shortlist their applicants in an instant.
  2. Automate recruitment process. Recruitment tools have automation features that make hiring a lot easier and simpler. For example, you can schedule multiple interviews at once or pre-screen candidates.
  3. Streamline recruitment process. You can house all the files, conversations, and statuses of your applicants in one, central place — your HR and recruitment tool. Because everything is in one place, your recruitment team can collaborate more efficiently.
  4. Save money. Because your recruitment team can avoid doing manual, time-consuming, and tedious work, they can hire quicker while still finding a great employee for the job. This helps you cut costs associated with hiring. Instead of spending several weeks’ worth of manpower hours to fill in a job role, you’ll only need a couple of days.
  5. Find the best fitting person for the job. Recruitment tools help you assess a candidate’s human and professional compatibility with the position with ease. This reduces the chances of hiring the wrong fit for the job and your company avoids wasting time and resources. 

Top HR tools for seamless recruitment and hiring

With so many recruitment tools available, you can narrow down your choices by starting with these five tools.

1. Unboxable

Unboxable is an HR solution that helps recruiters conduct the whole sourcing and screening process based on an applicant’s relational and professional fit to the open position. 

The traditional recruitment method involves assessing the candidate’s fit when the process ends, usually during the interview. 

However, Unboxable reverses the recruiting funnel. It uses data-driven technology to conduct individual fit assessments at the start of the recruitment process. 

The solution offers a revamped Careers page that eliminates generic promoting positions your company wants to hire for. 

Unboxable’s main feature is the Job Simulator, an interactive online questionnaire. 

Instead of candidates submitting their CVs, the job simulator offers an optimized-per-roll fit assessment interactive mechanism.

This helps your company’s HR team determine the candidate’s true professional and personal fit to the position seamlessly and more effectively. It saves you time and energy from going over hundreds of resumes.

Unboxable helps you find the right talent, predict how they’ll perform their required functions, and identify compatible candidates through reliable data.

2. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud is a cloud-based, automated recruitment and HR management tool that lets you supervise the whole employee cycle conveniently, from hiring to retiring. You can use it to find the right talent for your company quickly. 

Set Kissflow’s recruitment features according to your business objectives, and it will help you locate the best candidates.

Kissflow also streamlines your employee onboarding. 

The tool has automated checklists for the whole process of recruitment to hiring, making it trackable. It also hosts a collaboration platform that lets your team members discuss with each other seamlessly.

Kissflow’s people management features include attendance, performance, and leave management tools. It helps you monitor and oversee employee needs while maintaining your company’s performance demands.

3. ADP

ADP offers a comprehensive HR tool with many features — from recruitment to people management. 

 It provides systems to help you oversee payroll, time and attendance, benefits and insurances, and outsourcing.

The tool can help you find the top candidate based on your employer branding strategies. This saves you time finding recruits to address talent gaps at a much faster rate.

ADP also has experts on recruitment to help you assess all qualified candidates and strategize how you acquire talents.

4. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS Talent Cloud is an online platform designed to help you advertise your job opening to compelling career sites and recruitment marketing systems conveniently.

iCIMS also allows you to maintain your connection with the job candidates through the platform’s engagement channels.

Additionally, iCIMS offers an AI-enabled career pathing feature that helps you determine where a qualified candidate truly fits within your employee hierarchy.

5. Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based employee management tool. 

It allows HR personnel to automate administrative tasks, such as performance and attendance tracking, goal setting, Key Result Area (KRA) mapping, and career advancement.

Zoho supports systems that can help you recruit and retain talents that fit your company’s objectives. It also provides the tools to oversee your employees’ success against their targets.

The tool has dynamic learning and virtual training systems that allow employers and HR managers to conduct employee knowledge-building activities.

These learning systems are engaging, featuring blended learning virtual classrooms and centralized course management tools. You can tailor it perfectly with your HR career advancement roadmap.

Notable mention – iSmartRecruit

iSmartRecruit is an AI-powered hiring software that aims to provide highly scalable ATS and CRM software that automates the recruitment workflow. The automatic features enable feedback-driven hiring decisions, streamlining effective team communication, strengthening sourcing power and upscaling the hiring process. As a result, it saves the time-to-hire by 55% for recruiters and HRs. The AI-based recruitment software offers fruitful automation features such as a Resume Parser, Recruitment Chatbot, AI-based candidate matching, AI-based job matching, Social media recruiting, Job description parser, Automatic job approval workflow, Job tracker, Video interviewing and management tool, Mobile recruiting, Job advertisement, Job analytics, etc. The easy-to-use features of Applicant Tracking System and Candidate/Client Relationship Management Software are specifically developed to ease the recruiting process and make it more effective for mass recruiters, corporate HRs, hiring managers, and recruiting and staffing agencies.

Find the cream of the crop with ease

HR tools can put your recruitment process on steroids, streamlining the way your company screens qualified applicants. 

The tools simplify your HR and hiring processes, allowing you to focus on assessing your qualified recruits’ personalities and compatibility with the position and your company’s culture.

With the best-fitting recruitment tool, you can save a lot of time and money. You can speed up your hiring process, improve your hiring accuracy, and you’ll have better quality teams with happy members.

It also lets you redirect resources to systems that can help continuously engage your talents and develop them.

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