5 Industries That Need Portable Commercial Generators

If you’re setting up a business, there are all kinds of things you’ll need and tasks you must accomplish. You’ll need to secure funding and hire employees. You must look into various insurance types and strike up supplier relationships.

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Portable commercial generators are one thing that many business owners require. The long list of companies and facilities that need this sort of thing might surprise you. As the business’s operator or owner, you’ll want some portable commercial generators if there’s a power outage or emergency.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the businesses and niches that might need to have portable commercial generators handy if something ever goes wrong.

The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is one niche that often needs portable commercial generators. That might include things like:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Film sets

If you’re at a festival and the lights go out, you don’t want to have many people milling around in the dark. You need to operate your payment systems, communication equipment, and ticketing areas, or else it will be a disaster.

If you’re shooting a film, and there’s a temporary power outage, you’ll want to have portable commercial generators standing by. You can use them to continue setting up your cameras, microphones, sound systems, etc.

If you lose power while you’re running a concert, you will need to operate your ticketing, computers, payment systems, speakers, or soundboards.

Schools and Various Government Services

There are local, state, and federal government facilities that want portable commercial generators on hand. Those might include:

At an embassy, you might need emergency power to operate your gated entrances, checkpoints, security camera operation centers, or computer servers. At universities, you may need them for libraries, computer servers, and systems, or student check-in points.

You might need generators for communications, computers, pumps, or filtration systems at a water treatment plant. You might need them at recycling or garbage facilities for computers, cleaning equipment, or separation and sorting equipment.

Various Food Services

You will definitely need portable commercial backup generators in various food and foodservice areas. Maybe you have a distribution center that feeds the homeless or at-risk children. You can use generators for computing systems, loading docks, refrigerators, or freezers.

You might have a catering center or a large bakery. You can use them for packaging equipment and ovens. If you have a restaurant, you can use them for payment stations, cash registers, refrigerators, or stoves.

Maybe you own an ice cream truck fleet. You can make them generator-equipped for payment stations and freezers. If you own a seafood facility, you can use them for communications, temperature stability control, or freezer storage units.

Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industries are two areas where you frequently need portable commercial generators. If you operate a hotel, you might need them. You can use them for communication services, security cameras, elevators, heating, or lights.

If you have a resort, you should certainly have some ready to go. You’d use them for pool filtration and pumps, restaurant operation, trams, or gondolas. Maybe you have a casino where you’d use them for communication systems, security cameras, slot machines, or cash machines.

Let’s not forget about zoos or amusement parks. If you own a zoo, you need generators for the lights, to keep the cages locked, and to heat or cool the animal enclosures. At an amusement park, you’d need them for payment services, rides, restrooms, and food prep or storage.

You might even have a ski area, where you could use them for heating buildings and lodges. You could use them for snow production machines or ski lift operations as well.

Telecommunications Industry

If you’re in the telecommunications industry, you will want commercial generators. If you look at cell phone towers, you’ll see that nearly every single one has a standby generator ready to go. If you have a switching facility, you often have to run these during outages.

If you’re running power plants or other energy manufacturers, you might also want portable commercial generators. Nuclear power plants, wind farms, renewable energy facilities, microgrids, and solar power plants all need them.

Marijuana farms need them, as do dentist and doctor’s offices, observatories, laboratories, bookbinding companies, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

When you get right down to it, more companies and industries need portable commercial generators than those which do not. If you don’t have some yet, you should strongly consider looking at some today.

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