5 Innovations in Software Development to Watch Out For

The software development industry is an ever-changing one. Every day, solutions are created to make processes much more straightforward. This development of tools has left the door of possibilities practically open, and there is no telling what tomorrow may bring in the software development industry.

If you have a keen interest in software development news or the latest technological advancements, you might also be interested in the upcoming trends in the industry. 

This article highlights a list of the top and latest technologies in software development that you may want to look out for.

  • Artificial intelligence expansion

Artificial intelligence is a technology no one can ignore. With time AI has become widespread, affordable, and effective. The e-commerce, healthcare, and education sectors are some areas where AI machine learning, deep learning, and speech processing capabilities have made and continue to make significant contributions.

While the strides made in AI are huge, it is expected to get better with time, even as more people continue to embrace the technology. For software developers interested in artificial intelligence, this is a development you may need to watch out for going forward.

  • QA automated testing software

Before any product is released into the market, it has to pass through a rigorous QA testing process to ensure that it meets industry and company standards. Over time, this process has been performed manually, which was time-consuming and required a high level of expertise, thus raising the cost. 

Thanks to creative solutions in the software development industry, the testing process is so much simpler, and everyone on your team can do it. This eliminates the need to hire the expensive expertise of QA engineers. Most industry players are automating regression testing to reduce cost and help them with scaling up without increasing headcount.

  • The internet of things

IoT has been rising in recent years and is expected to keep at it in 2021 and beyond. Smart wearables for health and fitness, smart home systems, point of sale beacons, Bluetooth trackers, and car gadgets are just a handful of possible uses of IoT technologies.

The potential for IoT growth lies in its integration with big data and AI. This trend has been on the rise and is expected to shape the future of IoT. However, the development of IoT must go hand in hand with software development to enhance its effectiveness and is something to watch out for.

  • Progressive web apps (PWAs)

PWAs are a thing right now. These are a type of app that integrates the functions of a native app and website accessibility. However, unlike a native app, PWAs do not require hosting in an app store. Their similarity with native apps is that they can work offline, access device hardware, and send push notifications without requiring the user to download or update the app.

They are easier to develop and maintain, and unlike native apps, they use a common codebase for all devices, are searchable by search engines, and are lightweight. These characteristics give them an advantage, making them among the future apps you may want to check out.

  • Human augmentation

Human augmentation refers to technologies that aim to enhance or complement natural human abilities. These technologies mainly come in the form of implants placed in the body to restore or improve functions like sight, hearing, or mobility.

These technologies have the potential of transforming the health care sector and improving lives. A good example of human augmentation technology would be Google Glass. With this field showing a lot of potential and lots of research dedicated to it, you may want to keep tabs on these new developments. Artificial intelligence will continue to play a big role in software development. 

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