5 Latest Advancements in the Electric Skateboard Industry

Skateboarding became popular in California in the early 1960s. It gave riders a way to surf the streets effortlessly. San Diego is the motherland of skateboarding and its enduring influence can still be seen today with an abundance of skateboard lessons near me signs peppered across every corner of the town and internet. Skateboarding technology has since improved. But although advancements have been made in various parts, the basic concept remains.

Electric boards have since become popular also and have recently undergone innovations as well. For skateboard enthusiasts, here are the five latest advancements in the electric skateboard industry.

  1. Seismic Bearings

Seismic bearings introduced ceramic bearings that are faster and last longer. Teckton bearings produced by Seismic  Ensures that the bearings are on the same level with each other, and the balls are more balanced and more extensive than those in regular skate bearings.

These features ensure lesser friction and surface contact. Seismic bearings have an Abec rating of more than five, which indicates that they are considered good. Now, there is an option for serious skaters who want smoother gliding that will allow for various tricks and competitive skating.

  1. Folding Decks 

Advances in skateboarding tricks also include the addition of folding decks. These skateboards can be folded up to enhance portability. The drawback to using folding skateboards is that the wheels cannot grip the pavement in the same way that a traditional skateboard does. However, some skaters prefer this since they can easily pack their boards for trips.

  1. Composite Skate Decks 

For a while, skateboard brands have been experimenting with different designs of skate decks. This includes changes in the construction and use of composite materials. The basic 7-ply deck has been used for some time, and critics are slow to accept the newly introduced material.

Although brands have their specific technology to produce a more durable deck, the fact is that the older decks are going out of style. Companies like Santa Cruz are inserting kevlar between the skateboard deck ply. Helium tech is adding internal air-frame chambers meant to reduce weight.

  1. Avenue Skate Trucks 

Avenue is a skate truck company currently producing trucks that features a spring-loaded base and a floating pivot. Skaters have always incurred injury from the heavy impact of landing while practicing advanced stunts.

With this new feature developed by avenue skate trucks, skaters can have a suspension that would reduce the impact on landing. This would also increase the skater’s speed and would. With the floating pivot point, skating would feel like flowing through the air.

  1. Shark Wheels 

Shark wheel is a company that aims to change the traditional skateboarding wheels. The design introduced by David M.Patrick aims to literally “reinvent the wheel.” This new design by the shark company is oddly shaped and is a mixture of the cube and sphere shape. According to the company, the wheels are much faster and have more grip than the original design.


Skateboarding is a great sport that can provide excitement, challenge, and physical growth to its users. In the past several years, skateboarding has seen many advancements, which have led to more convenient and durable materials for skateboard wheels and the improvement of new skateboard parts.  When you learn new tricks, especially for beginners, it is essential to make sure that you practice and then practice some more. You can start with cheap electric skateboards before moving on to ones with more advanced features.

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