5 Little Known Colloidal Silver Fact

Colloidal silver is a common supplement that is purchased and used for a variety of different purposes, from treating specific ailments to creating a better environment in your body overall. However, not all colloidal silver supplements are the same. In fact, some colloidal silver supplements may even be dangerous to your health, especially when used improperly. Below are five little known colloidal silver facts to help you use this supplement as safely as possible.

1. More or less silver is a matter of what technology is used.

Different silver supplements have different concentrations of silver particles. In most cases, these concentrations will be expressed as “parts per million” or PPM. The PPM concentration of a given colloidal silver supplement will depend on the manufacturing techniques used to produce it. In addition, it is important to note that the PPM concentration of a colloidal silver supplement doesn’t always tell the whole story. When comparing different colloidal silver supplements, you must also consider the charge of the particles in the supplement. The only particles within colloidal silver that have a noticeable impact on the body are those that have a positive charge. Some supplement manufacturers may produce supplements with a high PPM, but very low concentrations of positive ions. These supplements are not as effective as those that have a higher concentration of bio-active positively-charged silver.

2. Smaller silver particles are not always better.

When comparing different colloidal silver supplements, you may see a lot of information about particle size. Smaller particle sizes are typically preferred, as smaller particles can be converted into bio-active silver more easily. Smaller particles are also easier for the body to absorb. Although it is important to choose a supplement with small particles that can be processed easily by the body, finding the smallest nanoparticle available is not necessary. In general, 10 nanometers is the most desirable size for silver particles.

3. Only coated silver leaves beneficial bacteria in place.

Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, some bacteria are essential for your body to function properly, especially within the intestines. Unfortunately, because one of the functions of colloidal silver is to kill bacteria, these probiotics may be in danger of destruction if you take the wrong silver supplement.

Colloidal silver supplements are available in two different forms: coated and uncoated. Coated colloidal silver supplements differ from the uncoated variety in that each silver nanoparticle is protected with a special coating that prevents the particles from forming clumps and/or becoming bio-active at the wrong time. Only these coated silver particles can pass through your intestines without destroying the beneficial probiotics that live there. For this reason, selecting a coating colloidal silver supplement over an uncoated supplement is highly recommended for all consumers.

4. Silver supplements manufacturers cannot make disease claims.

Many people choose to take silver supplements for a specific purpose, such as treating or preventing infection. For this reason, when searching for the best colloidal silver supplement, you may be looking for a product from a manufacturer that has promised the supplement will serve a medical purpose. However, by law, silver supplement manufacturers are not allowed to make disease claims. In the United States, colloidal silver products are manufactured as dietary supplements. They cannot be presented as drugs or medications, as they are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of any ailment.

This means that no colloidal silver supplement manufacturer should be making any claim about their products treating, preventing, or curing a disease. In fact, most of these products will contain a disclaimer stating that their products are not intended for these purposes. Any manufacturer who violates these rules may be subject to legal or regulatory action.

5. Colloidal silver supplements should be dark.

Different colloidal silver supplements contain ingredients in different combinations. The exact composition of the compound you purchase will determine its exact color. It is important to note that safe colloidal silver supplements will be dark in color. If your supplement is clear, it is likely ionic silver, which is not safe for consumption. Likewise, colloidal silver supplements should not be yellow, as this is an indication of the presence of large particles that may not be absorbed well by the body.

Bioactive silver hydrosol, for example, contains silver nanocluster, as well as positively charged silver ions.

Choosing the best colloidal silver supplement for your needs can be a challenge, especially with so many different products available on the market. Some issues to consider as you compare different colloidal silver supplements include:

  • The composition – Before choosing a silver supplement, consider the specific mixture of silver particles and other ingredients. Make sure the supplement you choose contains the proper concentration and distribution of particles. You should also make sure that the particles are bio-active. Otherwise, the supplement will not produce the desired effect.
  • The color – The color of a supplement is one of the characteristics that is easily visible upon inspection. Avoid supplements that are yellow or clear in color and opt for a darker supplement instead.
  • The coating – In general, it is best to choose a coated silver supplement that offers silver particles that are a uniform size and shape. Not only will the coating ensure that these particles do not form dangerous clumps in the body, but they will also prevent the supplement from damaging the healthy microbiome of your intestines.
  • Size of particles – Although one nanometer won’t make too much difference, it is important to choose a silver supplement that contains smaller particles.

If you are interested in taking silver supplements for any purpose, you need to choose a safe product that can be consumed with the least amount of risk. You will also want to make sure that your product is as effective for your intended purpose as it can be. Coated Silver is proud to offer an effective supplement with small, uniform nanoparticles that can be easily absorbed and used by your body.

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