5 Major Reasons Why You Should Have a US Mail Address

You might have planned to buy some clothes, toys, appliances, etc from US stores and finally ended up getting disappointed after discovering that those stores do not ship to your address location abroad. Well, you are not alone; this is a common experience of most people staying outside the US. But this should not stop you from getting the products that you like. An easy solution to this is getting a valid US mail address. In this article, we will discuss some major reasons why you should get a US mail address.

Better Deals and Discounts

You can easily shop products from the US online stores at a very low price with a wider selection range and better discounts compared to that in your country (if the product is available at all). So a valid US mail address helps you to shop from all those US stores that do not provide services to overseas customers.

Reduces Shipping Costs

You will be stunt if you compare shipping costs with and without a US mail address. Having a valid US mail address significantly brings down the shipping costs. This thing is especially beneficial for e-commerce startups. A regular shipment can cost too much depending upon the size and weight of the packages. Getting a valid US mail address will help such startups significantly bring down the shipping charges as a result of which they can reduce the sales price and charge a regular domestic shipment. You will be surprised to know that some mail forwarding companies can help you to save up to more than 50 percent on international deliveries.

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Lowers the Custom Fees

A mail forwarding service not only helps you in getting your goods across the borders by providing you a valid US mail address but also receives the products on your behalf and delivers them to your actual location in due time thus preventing you from paying high custom fees.

Gives You a US Presence

If you are running an e-commerce business then a US mail forwarding address besides providing you with a valid US physical address provides creditability to your customers. According to Forbes, creditability plays a significant role in attracting and retaining customers. Building creditability is a must for small as well as well-established businesses for gaining customer’s trust. Many mail forwarding companies provide you with proper packaging for creating a complete US presence.

Effective than Retail Shoppers

Though some retail stores provide international services, the charges are more than enough to give you a nightmare. Getting a valid US mail forwarding address might seem to be expensive at the first glance than the local shipping rates but in reality, buying using a valid US mail address is cheaper compared to buying directly from a US retailer.


These are the 5 benefits of getting a valid US mail address. Remember you can enjoy the benefits of a US mail address only if you get it from a reputed company. So before availing of the service read the testimonials and the reviews carefully.

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