5 Marketing Ideas for Realtors

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As a realtor, how do you get your properties to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace? It is the million-dollar question that keeps many real estate agents wide awake at night. Word of mouth advertising is an effective way to get a leg up on the competition, but the old-school marketing strategy works only if you have established yourself as one of the go-to realtors in the community.

If you are just getting started in the real estate industry, you have to devise marketing ideas for realtors that set you up for success with word-of-mouth advertising.

Idea #1: Gifting Your Way to a Sale

From meeting at the office to an open house on a weekend day, giving away something of value can help you remain in the minds of prospective real estate buyers. The promotional experts at Gopromotional have numerous gift options that should leave a positive impression on potential clients. For example, handing out apparel with your company’s name printed on the front can keep prospective buyers in the game for buying a new home. Just make sure to go with high-quality fabric that tells everyone about your commitment to quality.

Giving away high-quality promotional items is a more effective marketing tool than handing out business cards. You stand out among your real estate industry competitors, as well as implement an affordable strategy that keeps you in line with the company marketing budget. The ultimate reward for handing out promotional gifts is an increase in sales and the development of relationships that produce clients that come back to you for a lifetime.

Idea #2: Build an Appealing Website

Realtors need to build a website that includes links to popular features such as Google Maps and Google Earth. Both features represent the ideal tools for real estate agents to promote a property by detailing the location of a home. High-resolution images of the properties you list online give you another opportunity to make a positive first impression on prospective buyers. Virtual tours have emerged as the alternative way for clients to view properties without having to stand inside of them.

Simply building a realtor website is not enough to attract business. You also have to optimize it to pave the road to real estate success. Website optimization for real estate agents starts by building a virtual home for your business that downloads pages at an incredibly fast rate. Visitors to your real estate website will not hang around if they have to wait for more than a second to access the information you make available about a property. Another important website optimization strategy for realtors is to make your site mobile-friendly. A growing number of real estate buyers learn about the characteristics of a property by using their mobile electronic devices.

Idea #3: Google My Business

Google offers a wide variety of free marketing services to help businesses get noticed online. Perhaps no other service has more of a positive impact on marketing than the service called Google My Business.

Google’s premier marketing service allows you to display information about your business that appears in the company’s powerful search engine. If you utilize the marketing service correctly, you increase exposure for your real estate business in cyberspace. The best part of listing your company in the Google My Business database is you do not have to spend much time implementing the proven marketing strategy.

However, you must be accurate when listing your realtor name and the contact information that follows it. Inconsistent addresses and phone numbers uploaded online put your real estate business in a huge marketing hole. All Google asks is you upload a consistently accurate name, address, and phone number across all online listings, including the standard for listings called Google My Business

You boost the power of Google My Business by adding images and encouraging client reviews.

Idea #4: Get Involved with Social Media

You might have heard about the marketing power of social media. It certainly is not a secret how a presence on social media channels can boost awareness for your business. Nonetheless, you have to choose the right social media options that are tailor-made for realtors.

Facebook and Instagram offer ad pages that can boost awareness of your real estate business in the community and beyond. The ads uploaded on Facebook Messenger allow potential clients to click an ad and immediately start a text conversation with your company. Harvard Business Review released a study that showed if a business does not connect with a potential buyer within five minutes, the rate for converting the potential buyer decreases by 400 percent.

Idea #5: Join Realtor Groups

From the Chamber of Commerce to the local association of realtors, joining a professional group that welcomes realtors is a highly effective way to get noticed in the community. However, simply signing up for joining a professional trade organization does not automatically translate into more home sales.

You have to get involved, which means attending meetings and even better, participating in the decision-making process for promotional events. Joining a professional trade group typically does not require much of a financial investment.

You just need to devote a little time to enjoy the marketing benefits of professional networking. By joining a professional trade group, you can target investors for repeat business. The property management leaders at Utopia say participating in a professional trade group is one of the preferred ways that rental property investors discover experienced real estate agents.

You have several strategies that help you market your real estate business. All you have to do is mix digital technology with old-school marketing to get noticed in the community.


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