5 Pain Points Faced by Ebike Physical Stores And Solution

Every market has its share of difficulties, and business owners should be aware of this. It may be challenging to break into and much more challenging to survive in the physical store sector. It’s more challenging than ever for physical store owners to keep up with the current trends and compete with e-commerce stores in today’s fast-paced business environment. Given these dynamic elements, it is not surprising that 50% of all physical stores fail within the first two years of operation. The E-bike physical store sector has seen certain changes recently that have changed how things operate. One slip-up in this competitive market could mean that a store has to shut its doors.

Fortunately, we can assist you. Everyone makes errors, and that’s acceptable. We only want to make certain that none of your errors has an impact on your organization. Here are the top issues faced by ebike physical stores and how to resolve them as an entrepreneur, whether or not your physical store is having difficulty.


1. High Cost

You must pay the fitting costs before operating a physical store. These costs may include installing lighting, air conditioning, signs, shelving, interior decor, counters, etc. These payments are all somewhat pricey. Even the costs of maintaining ebike physical stores, such as maintenance and electricity costs, are higher. The high costs resulting from a physical store include several other costs in addition to fitting and maintenance, including staffing, administration, inventory control, transportation, and distribution. Ebike Physical stores have substantial overhead costs since businesses have to pay for both the store’s commercial space and its staff. Profit-and-loss statements may be significantly impacted by this.

2. Limited Coverage

Ebike Physical stores have limited coverage, they cannot target larger and broader audiences because they are physical location in one place. In the online store, a larger audience can be targeted even the whole world can be covered. Physical stores require customers to come in person; hence their client base is mostly made up of people who live close to the store. Stores may suffer if the neighborhood has a dip in the economy.

3. Customers compare prices online

80 percent of smart customers will compare prices of the online and ebike physical stores. If a customer wants to purchase something, it first checks it online and compares the price with the physical store. If the price is higher, then more customer tends to purchase online. Smart customers are becoming more prevalent in today’s internet-savvy consumer culture. Offline agents are inevitably faced with the situation that users compare prices online and haggle offline.

4. Lack of Effective Marketing

With a physical store, marketing does not prevail in an efficient manner. There could be just banners hanging outside etc. with no effective marketing there will be no trust consciousness awareness by customers. and the customer base will not know about the business.

5. Clean Up the Mess

Many offline dealers must encounter that the low-quality products that users bought online at low prices are damaged, and they take them to the store to find repairs. Customers solve problems, even if they make money, it is the money that customers are reluctant to pay.


1.   Build Your Own Online Store

One of the main solutions for the physical store is to start an online digital store. In this way, businesses can target a larger audience. Online business has more opportunities to do marketing in an efficient manner. In online business, the customer base is identified and customers are targeted exactly ranging from demographic areas to customer preferences. Physical shops can improve their services to existing customers and provide ease to them with the online store, and attract more customers as well. The online store will allow businesses to make a new customer base that has never been to their ebike physical stores and business can sell their products online.

2.   Create Differentiated Store Feature

Always seeking innovation and creating new store features are the best strategy for solving this issue. The Himiway Bike is a perfect example of a product with extra benefits. The majority of e-bikes on the market have a range of 30 to 40 kilometers. For riders who wish to go a long distance, this isn’t enough. As a result, the Himiway devices were designed to have a range of between 60 and 80 miles. Himiway also can provide renovation subsidies for dealers. They seek long term relationship with out dealers by providing them leverages and other benefits.  Ebike retailers who stock up on these items with extra benefits already have a fantastic bargain to offer potential consumers.

Meanwhile, while creating an online store, the physical business should incorporate such things that are not being done by every online business. There should be an easy payment method and easy access to customer services so that customer can convey their issue or any other messages. For an online store to be completely effective, there should be a responsive website with an attractive website design template. There should be user-friendly navigation integrated with security features as well. Shopping cart and checkout buttons should be visible. Online business should highlight detailed shipping and return information to customer. Product listing should be made in High quality.

3. Emphasize the benefits of offline shopping

There are different benefits of offline shopping such as no time delivery. Customer just go to store and order what they want without a delay. Most online business offer one day express delivery to their customers. There is quick return policy of online business. Customers can buy immediate products. offline shopping ensures satisfactory shopping because customer only buy when it is satisfied completely. As compared to online products customer is not satisfied until it receives the product.

4. Innovative New Business Ideas

Retail can enhance store value by constantly trying and deploying innovative business scenarios. Retailers should incorporate technology for efficient business operations. Innovation has become necessary element for retailers and other companies in order to overcome challenges. It ensures growth. For business stagnation can be extremely detrimental. In order to achieve economic growth, organizational growth a staying afloat in competitive market, innovation is critically succor. Innovation can attract more customer as innovation is brining solutions to customer regarding their concerns.

5. Membership Service

Customer turnover has always been significant in the physical store sector and continues to be so today. Keeping a core of long-term customers is one of a physical store’s biggest concerns. As a result, giving membership to your customers can benefits you a lot. Store owner can increase customer engagement by offering Gold, Platinum Memberships. One can get as much discount based on their shopping. More the shopping more the discount is.


As the years go by, dealership marketing methods keep growing. Internet users who are potential purchasers frequently search for information there. To choose from, there appears to be an unending list of vendors. Therefore, it has become crucial for dealers to put plans into place that will assist them to draw in more clients and boost sales. This is why Himiway devised an incredible opportunity after considering all the possibilities and now Himiway is a global brand, with branches and customers. The official Himiway website now makes it possible to locate offline retailers. Users may find local dealers via the Himiway map, which also makes it easier for buyers to place offline orders. Don’t miss the highly lucrative and promising opportunity to become a Himiway dealer, reseller, or distributor if you are interested. ‎

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