5 Qualifications a Meat Processing Worker Must Attain

The food processing industry is rather a sensitive sector where workers need to be on their best. When we talk about best, we mean health, conduct and skills. Meat is one of the most consumed animal products in the world. Hence it needs to be handled with the utmost care to be able to meet the health standards required when selling the processed product, especially for meat processing plants that major exportation.

Meat processing workers are tasked with several industries within the processing plant. Their tasks include handling, slaughtering and processing livestock. They also operate the processing machine and equipment, dispatch products and keep records and inventory of the products. Because of the delicate nature of food, all meat processing workers need to meet certain qualifications in order to get employment. These qualifications are not just things the employers need to look at; as a prospecting employee, you should strive to meet this qualification.

Safety and Hygiene

The processing plant has a lot of equipment that can prove dangerous when mishandled. A prior experience working in a previous processing plant can be a great advantage. This is because the worker should be knowledgeable about the safety measures and protocols that are followed when working in a processing plant.

Hygiene is the key issue when handling food on behalf of multitudes of people. There are several hygiene training workshops that you should attend to speed on the hygiene standards that come with the job description as a potential meat processing worker. Meat processing jobs come with instruction material showing the hygiene standards needed as a qualification for employment. Every employment by law is required to have a certification for their hygiene training standards, and employers hiring individuals without this document risk litigation.

Perfect Health and Physical Fitness

Aside from certification on safety and hygiene, the worker needs to have a clean bill for health from a medical practitioner. Being in good health does not only improve the workers’ performance but also ensures that the food cannot get contaminated. There are several tests that the worker needs to get done in a recognized medical institution for them to qualify for employment. Due to the rampant cases of forgery and falsification of medical results, the meat processing plant must have a resident doctor or partner with a facility to get the tests done.

Physical fitness is not a compromise; this is because of the strenuous nature of the job. Working in a meat processing plant, the workers are expected to handle some of the large animals, carry heavy loads and even work while standing for very long hours. For them to pull this off, they need to be in the best physical condition.

Ability to Do Repetitive Tasks Quickly and Accurately

The job description barely changes when working in a meat processing plant. This brings in monotony, something that can greatly affect the productivity of the workers. To qualify for the job, a worker needs to be able to do the same job over and over with a high level of accuracy. To test this, most processing plants subject the workers to a probation period before being hired permanently on the payroll. Speed and accuracy are very important in this lie of work, especially if there is a huge order. Accuracy comes in when the worker needs to package and fill an inventory without messing up on the values or mixing up the orders.


The duties in a meat processing plant are interconnected. This means that every employee at one point or another needs to work closely with a colleague. This being the case, the employee needs to demonstrate his or her abilities to be a team player. Working with others will help increase productivity while reducing mistakes. Being a team player also means being ready to listen to other people’s opinions and finding common ground to work together without rubbing shoulders. Employers also put new workers on probation for some time to evaluate this character.

Good Practical Skills and High Level of Concentration

Practical skills are just a way to say they have skills that can come in handy in their work line. For example, a worker who knows how to operate machinery or drive has an advantage over others. This can also be said of a worker with first aid skills. These skills can be included in the resume when applying for the job.

Due to the machinery operated in the plant, concentration is not something you need to be reminded of as a worker. As a worker, you need to have a high concentration span to be able to point out faults and correct them in time.

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