5 Reasons Businesses Need To Take AI Seriously In 2023

Deep Machine learning Artificial intelligence AI technology concept on virtual screen.

For many businesses, AI is a controversial topic. Business leaders are hesitant to dive into AI projects due to the associated risks and unknowns and lack the skills to implement and operate new AI tech. However, in 2023, there is no excuse for not taking AI seriously because it already has a proven track record of success.

For example, according to Forbes, investment in generative AI is set to explode in 2023, surging from $12.75 million in 2015 to $93.5 billion in 2022. This is projected to increase to over $400 billion by 2028. With these kinds of numbers, it is clear that AI has the potential to revolutionize businesses.

With that in mind, here are five applications for AI that your business can use in 2023 to get ahead of the competition.


Businesses can automate mundane processes, such as data entry and customer service operations, saving them time and money. This allows companies to focus on more strategic tasks while still getting the work done. AI can also automate complex tasks, such as software development and marketing campaigns, with more accuracy and efficiency than a human team.

Data Analysis

AI applied to analytics allows businesses to quickly identify patterns in data sets which could provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing companies to tailor their services accordingly. Data and AI-led marketing agency Neural Edge have implemented this in their own operations, with customers seeing an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

Machine Learning

AI can be used to learn from data sets without the need for human intervention. This provides businesses with a huge source of insights into how customers interact with their products or services and helps them refine their strategies accordingly. Machine learning can also help predict customer needs and preferences in advance.


Tools like Klayvo can be used to personalize services for customers, offering them tailored advice and recommendations based on their individual needs and preferences. This can lead to a more efficient customer journey, as well as higher engagement with the business and its products or services. Their email marketing platform also allows businesses to tailor their emails to the individual, increasing open and click-through rates.


Finally, AI can be used to detect security threats before they become a problem. This can help businesses protect themselves against malicious actors and keep customer data safe. AI-powered cybersecurity companies like Darktrace have achieved success in this area, with customers seeing a significant reduction in the number of cyber-attacks they suffer.

Why Your Business Needs AI

By taking advantage of these five benefits, businesses can position themselves as leaders in their field and stay ahead of their competition. AI is no longer a novelty or a risky venture — it is now an essential part of any forward-thinking business strategy.

Therefore, 2023 is the year that businesses must take AI seriously. By investing in the right technology and ensuring their team is trained on how to use it, businesses can reap the rewards of an AI-driven future.

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