5 Reasons Instagram Marketing is Better than Facebook Marketing

Some people call this a moot point. Or, in Joey’s words, a moo point! After all, all the internet is connected and there is no point in choosing one platform since, at the end of the day, you will have to utilize every single platform you can get your hands on.

Yes, but no. While we cannot understate the importance of using every single platform at your disposal, there are still points that differentiate each from the rest. Facebook used to rule supreme in the world of social media, but it has been quickly waylaid. While it is true that it owns Instagram and WhatsApp, there are still reasons to prefer the former over Facebook. Marketing is not solely about spending money to buy Instagram followers or Facebook likes. There are several factors involved and in almost all of those factors, Instagram is better. Today, we will discuss five of these factors.

1. Hashtags

Instagram is undoubtedly the king of hashtags. The entire platform is connected as intricately as the human brain and perhaps more complexly so. Hashtags are the number one reason why so many marketers prefer Instagram over Facebook.

On Facebook, you would have to optimize your posts with keywords. On Instagram, you can skip this step for the most part since each post allows you to add thirty hashtags that connect each post with millions of others.

Further, on Instagram, you can also follow hashtags so that you see top posts with these tags. Hence, Instagram provides better reach through hashtags and your marketing game is more likely to yield results.

2. The “Discover” tab

Perhaps I use Facebook less frequently than Instagram, but I have discovered that I do not come across many recommended posts on the platform. Compare that to Instagram, which has a separate section for recommended posts viz. the “Discover” tab.

Even at a single glance, users can see almost two dozen recommended posts in this tab. Further, after recent changes, Instagram displays recommended posts after you have caught up with all new posts on your home page. Thus, visibility is significantly higher on Instagram as compared to most other platforms.

Your marketing will also gain from the likes you involuntarily send out while browsing the “discover” page. Thus, visibility is reason number two to prefer Instagram.

3. Reels and IGTV

Facebook has a live video feature and a stories section. But that is it. Instagram has versatility on its side. The recent addition and promotion of the reels feature mean you can get incredibly creative with your marketing, especially with the 15-second cap. The smaller time frame increases the chances of people fully seeing your video and retaining more information about your brand.

IGTV is another great feature that allows you to upload videos that simply do not fit in the 15-second time slot for reels. The days of textual content are over, and Instagram’s embrace of visual content has provided it with an enormous user-base.

Reels are great for advertisements, while IGTV is perfect for sending out a lengthy message.

4. Analytics

The analytics feature on Instagram is often considered to be more advanced than Facebook’s, especially in terms of ease of use. For example, even though I do not have a registered business page with millions of followers, I can still see a quick analysis of my posts and account. These include reach, impressions, and even a quick summary of the places from where people arrived at your post. This is incredibly useful for planning out your marketing strategy.

Follower analytics become visible after one hundred followers; a milestone easily achieved. On Facebook, you would need a business page for analytics. Not on Instagram.

5. Engagement and interaction

Honestly, Facebook is boring. You can upload images, videos, text, maybe even hold a poll and the end. Meh! I think we can do better. And Instagram does better.

While it is true that Instagram posts are limited in terms of what you can upload in the captions. But the sheer necessity of adding a photo to upload anything automatically ups the game since visual content creates an impact several times larger than text.

Did you know you could have multi-colored text in Instagram stories? Likely, you did not. Even though Instagram stories are incredibly powerful, you will be surprised to know how many tricks and hacks are still unknown to most people. Through its polls, quiz, shoutout, template, GIF integration, Instagram stories are a highly creative and interactive platform for connecting with your audience; something that Facebook decidedly lacks. Thus, in terms of interaction as well, Instagram is better. Taking help from some of the best social media marketing companies is a pro tip by some famous marketers.


Despite Facebook’s years-long monopoly, Instagram has upped its game rapidly and severely. Now, Instagram marketing is indubitably a better option for most of your marketing needs. However, we recommend that you always use every platform you can since it will only increase your reach and growth.

Apart from these five reasons, if you can think of more, we would love to hear them in the comments box below.

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