5 Reasons Most Hotel Owners Use Modern Key Cards

Hotel owners are constantly looking for ways to increase safety, security, and convenience for their guests. One cost-effective approach is replacing the traditional lock and key systems with key card locks. 

Many benefits come with using this type of system, including convenience, durability, cost-effectiveness, and increased security. 

Read on to find out five reasons Hotel & Resort Key Cards are a perfect choice for any hotel owner or manager who wants to upgrade their room locks.

1 – Key Cards Offer Convenience

Key cards offer more convenient than traditional locks because they don’t require a physical key. As a result, hotel staff can easily issue new cards without going through the time-consuming process of changing the locks each time a guest checks in or out. Additionally, key cards are much harder to lose than other access control forms, such as keys and RFID tags, so you won’t have to worry about guests losing or accidentally taking them home when they leave.

2 – Key Cards Are Durable

Hotel key cards are incredibly durable, making them ideal for any hotel environment where they may be exposed to wear and tear. They are also waterproof, ensuring they will still work even if they get wet in a hotel pool or exposed to heat or cold. Finally, since they do not have moving parts like traditional locks, there is no need for frequent maintenance – saving time and money in the long run.          

3 – Key Cards Are Secure

A hotel key card lock offers an extra layer of security, since it is much harder for someone to “pick” a card-based lock than a physical one. Additionally, these types of locks can be programmed with various levels of access and timed expiration dates, adding extra control and flexibility over how long someone has access to a room or building. This makes it easier for hotel owners and managers to keep track of who is coming in and out at all times.

4 – Key Cards Require Less Set-Up

Hoteliers should consider implementing key cards for their business as a cost-efficient solution to traditional lock and key systems. Setting up key card access to hotel rooms is much more time-efficient than installing manual locks. In addition, key card locks can last much longer than traditional locks without the need for repair or frequent replacement – dramatically reducing the overhead costs associated with them.

5 – Key Card Systems Are Cost-Efficient

Hoteliers will also save money on replacement keys, as key cards can be easily reissued in case of theft or loss at practically no cost. Moreover, since key cards require minimal staff training, hotels can reduce labor costs associated with setting up and managing these systems. Ultimately, hoteliers who select key cards over manual locks can expect significant savings in installation, labor, and replacement-related costs.

Conclusion:  Choose Key Cards For Your Hotel Property

Key cards provide an easy way for anyone looking to upgrade their room lock systems at a hotel. They offer convenience, durability, and an extra layer of security that isn’t possible with traditional lock systems.

Additionally, replacing your current system can help save money in the long run, as there is no need for frequent maintenance or replacement. For all these reasons, now is the perfect time for any hotel owner or manager looking to boost their security measures.

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