5 Reasons Small Businesses Need An Employee Management App in 2021

As a small business owner, you are always looking at improving your business. You spend hours researching and often find yourself reviewing new digital tools and solutions to rise above your competition. And perhaps one of the most important tasks on your plate is knowing if your employees are meeting goals, this is crucial for business success.

However, that can be rather challenging, especially when you probably just have all this information written down on paper. It’s one big mess! And you find yourself thinking that employee management may be much harder than any other aspect of running a small business. Especially when the list of tasks for effective employee management is never-ending.

So why go digital? With all the tasks you have to do per day, you are losing sight of the bigger picture. Digitizing schedules, workflows, training, etc., will allow you to put the focus back on what’s really important. Through an employee management app, this then translates into increasing revenue, staying ahead of your competitors, revamping your workflows, smart business decisions, and ensuring productivity.

By using an employee management app, you can do that and more. You schedule shifts, set tasks, add manuals, etc. The great part is that you are able to engage with your employees anytime, anywhere. Your staff no longer need to wait for your call. As soon as you have an update, your employees view them in real-time via the app. If you want to know where your employee should be, open the app and track their progress. You are not wasting valuable time trying to reach your staff or look for that piece of paper with the notes for today’s task.

What does employee management entail?

As mentioned, the list is never-ending. Here are a few key aspects that you are responsible for:

  • Recruitment – choose the right candidates to be the face of your company.
  • Benefits – company and employee benefits should be established like annual leave, health insurance, medical leave, etc.
  • Monitoring – tracking progress and reaching company goals.
  • Communication – open lines of communication between yourself and your employees.
  • Rewards – outstanding tasks result in good feedback, gifts, etc.

The above is hard enough to manage on your own as is, that’s why an automated digital solution like an employee management app is so critical, it helps save you time (and money!).

Here is just a little insight of what is achieved by having an employment management app.

1.   Simplify Your Onboarding Process

You may have thought an employment management app is not necessary. You’ll be surprised to learn that your business could benefit from the app even from the second a new employee joins. Your new hire will enjoy a smooth process and fit in easily to their new environment. Instead of spending hours teaching them the role through a manual process, you can utilize that time working on your new ventures.


All that time you took out from your hectic day to go through the handbook and go over procedures multiple times can now be digitized using an employee management app. With a click of a button, you are able to upload all the training materials, documents, forms, and much more. You will be impressed by how fast your employee starts working, and anything they are not sure of, they may refer to the manual. Digitizing information avoids errors as they have all the information at hand. An employee management app also allows you to include pictures, such as setting up their POS with their details. Check the app and track the progress. It’s that simple!

Instead of everyone trying to figure out the new person, ask for a profile picture and a couple of facts and upload as an update. Other employees will be quick to speak to the new hire, especially if they already have common interests. Your staff will feel part of something bigger and more engaged.

2.   Employee Development

As a small business owner, you worked hard to get to where you are today. You know better than anyone the steps needed to meet targets and gain success. So, when a new employee joins, they are not just a worker but an extension of your family. There is a desire to watch them flourish and do their best, especially under your watch. Builtin says employee development is where employees are working on improving their careers. Once your new staff joins, you will want to ensure they have all the training, tools, and knowledge to excel in their field.

With an employee management app, you provide the training seamlessly. Your expertise enables you to guide them and provide the learning, development and point them in the right direction. You could adapt the training to each employee, strengthen their skills and keep them engaged with your company. If you offer the right tools, you maintain motivation, productivity and even reduce turnover.

3.   Boost Employee Engagement

As a small business owner, you want your employees to be part of the company and to be committed to their role. You strive to have that employee who wants to give more and do their very best. If your staff are enthusiastic about what they do, their engagement leads to excellent customer experience. If you create the right vibe for your workers, you will notice higher employee retention and enhanced success company-wide.

A Gallup poll shows that 54% of employees are unattached to their workplace. Employees view their role as simply a job. With that statistic in mind, you will want to ensure your team is motivated, engaged, and happy. By putting the right strategies in place, your staff won’t consider leaving to work for your competitor.

With an employee management app, you have an extra tool to find out what’s going on in your business without being there. Setting up a suggestion box on the app allows you to know what employees wish they had or what makes them content. The information lets you fix errors before they become fatal. An employee management app also allows you to share positive and motivating feedback. Any company goal should be celebrated, such as promotions. Take it one step further and share birthdays, weddings, etc. Engaging does so much more for your business than you realize. Your staff no longer feels like just a worker, they feel like part of a bigger picture. It’s no wonder that having an employee app is a hot trend!

4.   Expedites Scheduling Processes

Workers will want flexibility with their schedule more than the salary. Knowing that adaptability is crucial, you want your employees to be happy with their shifts. Often with pen and paper, you may have double-booked, or you are left sitting for hours trying to figure out who will cover that shift. Sometimes, you need to take on extra shifts instead of getting back to growing your business.

With an employee management app, you remove all the fears of double booking, forgetting employee’s vacation days, etc. You schedule the shifts for the week, days, or months, whatever is convenient for you. Everything becomes automated, reducing errors, maintains motivation, and even helps you manage your finances.

An employee management app means scheduling becomes easy, and planning is possible. Being ahead allows you to forecast schedules for the busy seasons. Utilize the right skilled members for overtime. Start predicting the next couple of weeks, and it will take you a matter of minutes instead of hours. Your staff will know when they are needed, and if someone is to take a day ahead, you plan accordingly.

5.   Go Paperless

As you look for ways to save money and improve efficiency, paperless is the way forward. You save a significant amount of time, storage, and most of all, worry. With paper, you are constantly wondering if you wrote it, or I’ll remember later, which most times never happens. Going paperless allows you to track everything and keep things organized and simple.

Take the Leap

An employee management app helps you grow your business and gives you back some of your valuable time. The benefits covered above outweigh any doubts about moving into the modern era of becoming a digitized business. There’s so much more you could do with an app, so begin researching and find one that matches your business. Once you make the switch, you won’t ever want to go back!

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