5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in IT Security

Since its inception, the internet has seeped into every aspect of our lives. People and companies have made a fortune investing in and developing entities that work around it. Most tech we deal with, and every task we perform is either over the cloud, through the mail, simulated in virtual machines, or dealt with on video calls. With even markets dependent on the web’s stability, its importance and hold over our civilization is undeniable.

The internet is a public domain, and so are the IT systems and applications on them. They are always vulnerable and can be attacked at a moment’s notice if not protected. This is why it makes logical sense to invest in and, if possible, develop security systems to protect your IT applications.

And if this isn’t convincing enough, the cyberattack on Marriott, which resulted in the leak of millions of its customers’ details, proves that even a billion-dollar cyber-structure can have its vulnerabilities.

Though you should only need one, here we will list five reasons why every business must invest in an IT security system.

1. Cloud Everywhere

Cloud computing and storage is the hottest item on the shelf right now. With companies expanding their horizons to new levels, the amount of data that needs to be stored, processed, analyzed, and managed is ridiculous. No single company can afford to build its own infrastructures to deal with it.

Que cloud computing services; companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon offer tech enterprises with services and solutions for data management through cloud-based platforms. Though these services provide great security and assurance, at the end of the day, they are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The need for security is the greatest for banking systems and law firms that hold very sensitive data, and break-ins into their databases would be fatal. To have a good defense system in place, consult a reputed IT consultancy, and decide which plan suits your infrastructure the best.

2. Threats from Within

The greatest threat you as an enterprise can face is espionage and leakage or the sale of information from internal sources. Your employees are trained and well-versed with your systems, which inadvertently makes them the biggest threat to your company.

Though you bind employees dealing with sensitive information with legal contracts, a substantial amount of money can easily nullify that. Plus, the fact that 60% of data leaks and security breaches have come from employees within the company is a solid indicator of how important it is to have a secure platform.

One possible solution, though not exactly an IT one but effective nonetheless, is the use of highly advanced surveillance security to ensure employees dealing with sensitive data are not breaching security.

Camdog is one such service that offers a robust and highly advanced security service that is cloud-based and powered by an intelligent AI. It provides features like GuardMode that monitor a particular item and alerts the owner if it is either moved or if someone comes within a set range of the article. Also, server stations and drives can be protected and monitored 24×7 with facial recognition, guaranteeing the safety of your data.

3. Financial Risk and Lawsuits

Consider Marriott’s case and the hack that resulted in passport detail leaks of millions of its customers. Even with a strong security system in place, the hospitality company became a hacking victim that resulted in significant financial loss and notable cases filed against them. Fortunately, having already installed an IT security system gave them some space to breathe in court.

Now consider the same for your own company, but you fail to establish a security system to safeguard your customers’ data. A potential hack and leak of data would result in a very bad legal conundrum, leading to extreme financial loss. Rather than risking your company’s stability and the security of your customers’ data, it is cheaper and simpler to install a reliable security structure.

4. IoT

IoT has seen a significant rise in the number of appliances, centralized security systems, and even automated security systems. Though it has made life easy and made it convenient to control these systems, it also means that all your devices, from laptops and smartphones to security systems and smart home appliances, are all vulnerable.

Gaining a single access point means that they can infiltrate the whole system, putting private and sensitive data at risk. One cannot overlook the advantages of IoT, and so avoiding its use is not an option. Thus, companies need to adopt better security systems to secure their services.

5. Client Confidence

As a successful business, you aim to attract clients and increase your customer base. These potential clients will only opt to do business with you if they trust your systems, operations and believe that their data is secure within your business’s structures.

Having a trusted system of security for your IT infrastructure not only gives you the confidence that all the stored data is secure, but it also gives your current and future customers assurance that their data and information is safe with you. And at the end of the day, a successful business can only be built on trust and confidence.

Similar to how physical documents and data are guarded by personnel, a more tech-driven future only means protecting online data and information with cybersecurity systems. The above five reasons outline the possibilities of cyber-attacks and what safeguarding yourself against them could mean to your business.

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