5 Reasons Why Corporate TV Should be Part of Your HR Strategy

The corporate world is busy, essentially non-stop, and to stay ahead of the game your workplace communication needs to be constantly evolving. 

Sure we have options of email blasts, group chat platforms, and online real-time video and audio applications, but does anyone have the time to sit and stare at their phone or tablet constantly to be in ‘the know?’ Unfortunately not. And we all know how the traditional bulletin board with pin tacks and loose pieces of paper ends up. Notices get lost, people place their advertisements over others, and eventually, it all becomes one big heap of words that no one can decipher.

Businesses are run by being one step in front of the crowd. This means that we need rolling up-to-date information on news, events, and celebrations or congratulatory achievements of fellow employees, and we have just the solution. Delving deeper into the digital and making it work for you.

Right where you need it

Many a time we are running errands or heading to meetings and catch a glimpse of a news headline on someone’s PC, or see the bold print on the cover of a newspaper but don’t have the time to stop and see what it is all about. This is where the digital world comes in and makes everything that much more efficient. The use of digital signage in the workplace has become increasingly popular and for good reason too.

Staff announcements are now easier than ever when they are displayed visually for everyone to see and no one needs to ask what or where. The HR department can communicate with employees requesting confirmation for events, advertise upcoming celebrations, and all within a seamless and simple-to-use digital platform. 

The advantages of digitizing your communication and announcements come with a host of positives that will not only add to your company’s performance but help you build and maintain a more well-informed and productive team. Let’s see what just a handful of those benefits are and how they can take your company and productivity to the next level.

  • Convenient, Clear group messaging

We are constantly bombarded with messages throughout the day but important notices can quickly get lost in the mix. With reminders bold and visually displayed on screens around the office, everyone will stay informed.

  • Automated Communications

A digital screen helps to keep everyone on track, with regularly updated information on schedules for meetings or conference rooms, and to make new employees aware of company policies at any given time. 

  • High visibility 

For staff that is constantly on the move, they don’t have the time to regularly check their emails or messages to see if anything has come through which may be urgent. With a real-time digitized display wherever they go in the building, they can have peace of mind that they are not missing out on something important. 

  • Team integrated communication

Many companies have shift workers who, when they are not constantly kept in the loop can feel isolated and not part of the team. Now, with integrated screens around the workplace, your new office digital signage implementation will not only bring everyone together but allow the day shift and the night shift to feel part of each other’s team. 

  • Workplace safety

If something happens in the building or on a shop floor employees need to be alerted straight away. A digital screen is the perfect solution to interrupt the regular broadcast with breaking news and to ensure all employees’ safety. The message can be broadcast simultaneously across all screens with one simple click, so there is no delay in conveying the safety warnings. 

Worth the while

You may think that the system you currently have in place is working just fine, but does ‘fine’ cut it these days with all the technological advances and integrations? No, as times and equipment evolve so should we, and together the workplace will become more effective and certainly more efficient. 

The initial investment may seem like a big effort, but it is well worth it in the long run. And you can never put a price on employee safety or celebrate their achievements and successes enough. 

Creating connections between employees boosts morale, shows appreciation from co-workers, and motivates others to do even better in the future. Now, when everyone knows the stats of the company and goals being reached that are displayed across screens it helps keep the transparency of where the company is and what it is growing towards. This trust-building effort brings the team together as one and drives workers to strive for increased collaboration which is great for the company as a whole, win-win.

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