5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Career Market is Booming in 2022 and Beyond

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Pre- COVID-19, the cybersecurity industry did not have a huge employment deficit as the demand for experts was lower. At post-COVID-19 error, however, has another story where this industry may have received a huge boost.

There is today more demand for cybersecurity experts than ever. You will not understand this until you read about just the impact of data breach on a business or how many organizations are planning to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2022 and beyond. Many want to increase this security in order to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of cyber-attacks.

Apart from this, we will share five reasons why this industry is expected to grow even more. Keep reading.

1. An Increase in Devices

The number of internet-enabled devices has risen significantly over the past several years. You already have your laptop and phone connected to the internet, just like everyone else in your household. Now, imagine that there are similar devices in every home, with some having even more.

We use them to connect and work around smart home devices, credit card readers, tracking services, and much more. Research shows the number of gadgets connected to the IP network will rise by more than three times the global human population. Each device is a potential path for cybercriminals to reach users. Whether through user carelessness, or other means, devices are hackable.

2. Cybercriminals are Becoming Smarter

The ever-rising complexity of cyber-attacks is not a joke. As the worldwide adoption of the digital realm keeps surging, so does the smartness of cyber criminals. According to statistics, criminal activities by connected to the internet and online use reached an all-time high in 2021.

As it stands, this number will only grow in 2022 and beyond. Between 2020 and 2021, a major breach of the customer database at T-Mobile opened a dangerous back door to user-sensitive information. More than 50 million people were affected.

With such things happening, only experienced cybersecurity experts can draw a line over which these attackers cannot cross. Now more than ever, there is a need to train and hire trusted individuals and firms that can create better defense systems to detect and counter attacks. Daring hackers have even found their way into government systems, paralyzing major operations – we need experts.

3. More “Working from Home”

There is an increased demand for IT services in business thanks to the new ‘work from home strategy. We are still feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that ignited and fueled remote working transitions. Many companies were forced to make rapid changes, pushing some into potentially dangerous cloud computing. Platforms like Google Cloud promise optimized file sharing, which might include sensitive information among remote workers.

This market will keep growing. That means companies need better cloud security strategies. They are demanding for highly experienced and skilled cybersecurity experts to handle these issues. And that only means a growing market.

4. An Increase in Sharing of Large Files

Due to the need for remote working, companies are finding a huge need to upload and download large files, some of which have sensitive information. For companies, there is a need to have stability both in internet connectivity and security when uploading files on cloud storage.

Staying and working from home has also boosted the entertainment industry. Individuals are downloading and uploading torrents every day. For this, they need the best seedboxes or VPN networks to stay safe online. It’s no wonder a seedbox like GigaRapid has become so dependable.

All these factors point to one thing – that the cybersecurity concern will only keep growing. For career seekers, it presents a perfect opportunity to travel the world, physically or virtually, to keep internet users safe.

5. Cybersecurity is Expensive

If you want the best paying job, join the digital world, particularly cybersecurity. This field is growing faster than anticipated because no company wants to deal with the aftermath of data breaches. IBM reports that cybersecurity issues cost businesses more than $3.5 million. With everything automated today and hackers lacking everywhere, you can never be too careful.

Because their futures are on the line, organizations have no option but to hire the best team for information security. It takes good investment and understanding of the threats to make these decisions. And because the threats are clear as the day, cybersecurity is an industry that will never cease growing.


You have connected to the internet to read this information. After this, you might want to order yourself something nice online and pay with your credit card, or connect with friends on your favorite social media site. Well, for you to feel safe, there must be someone behind the website, ensuring your personal information never gets into the wrong hands. And since the internet is becoming more and more dependable, the need for cybersecurity experts will not stop growing.

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