5 Reasons Why Google Ads Give Better ROI than Facebook Ads

With tens of thousands of searches every second, Google ads can bring more potential buyers, and on the other hand, Facebook has millions of active users during the day.

Google is processing 70,000 searches every second and Facebook has 2.7 billion users that are spending most of their time on the social media app. These stats have made both of them the best choices for advertising. But how do you choose between them? There are many reasons that make Google and Facebook obvious choices for PPC campaigns.

Both these companies have been competing to become the best provider of ads. Both offer various features that make ads more effective.

Before deciding where you’re spending your time and money, it is essential to know the pros and cons of both services. Many companies are leveraging the strengths of Google ads and Facebook ads to achieve maximum visibility and increase revenue — you can also use the help of an experienced Google Ads Agency to get started.

Why spending on Google ads or Facebook ads (Online Ads) is Essential?

We are living in the age of technology where smartphones have shrunk the world to our palms. Completely changing the ways consumers spend money and do their shopping. Facebook is a place where 2.7 billion people around the globe spend most of their time daily. On the other side, “Google It” has become a common phenomenon for shopping, learning, earning, and more.

Interestingly, a 2007 study shows that an average person will spend more than five years and four months of their life browsing social media. These social media platforms include YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Moreover, after the year 2012, our average time on smartphones has been increased to 144 minutes daily. This all unfolds a great number of opportunities for businesses, brands, and even for personal profiles.

There are many reasons for switching to online ads such as building brand awareness, spreading information, driving buyer behavior, providing reminders to curious buyers, using repetition to improve sales, and providing multiple purchase pathways.

5 reasons Why Google ads give better ROI than Facebook ads

Google is the world’s most used search engine and it has become the leader of online advertising. It has more than 3.5 billion search queries every single day and potential users who are actively looking for goods and services.

Here are the 5 reasons that not only make Google ads the best choice but prove its effectiveness as compared to Facebook ads.

A Large Number of Searches

For a successful promotional campaign, brands and businesses try to showcase their products and services to the maximum number of people in one place. Google has completely fulfilled this essential requirement. With 40,000 searches every second, Google handles a total of more than 1.2 trillion web searches every single year.

In addition, Google is constantly doing improvements to the system, which will likely increase the volume of searches. Simply put, Google has the largest number of potential users that can become your audience, buyers, and consumers. Google ads must on the top of your digital marketing strategy.

Quality is Better than Quantity

Google offers you a level playing field. Here the quality of ads works effectively than the sum spent on it. Its highly intelligent algorithm determines the quality of the ad and makes it visible to the maximum and relevant potential users. The quality and relevance of the ads are the most crucial parts of the Google ads. Put short, relevance, and quality are rewarded above all factors.

A large number of Ad formats, available

Google launched its AdWords in 2000 (with a grand total of just 350 advertisers). It has undergone a great change, though many of the features are the same. Nowadays, these ads offer Ad extensions, social proofing such as user reviews, site links, location targeting, Shopping ads, and other features making Google ads a more reasonable choice than any other social media.

Meeting the unique need of businesses

Along with all the above-mentioned benefits, Google ads strive hard to fulfill the unique needs of businesses. This includes many requirements other than textual designs! For example, vehicle manufacturers and hotels, which go far beyond the typical text-based ad experience.

Large, small, medium, new, or established, any business can achieve the maximum with Google ads

A perfect ad has the potential of appealing to your target market. This is done with ad formats or features that will make your goods or services more appealing and create a desire for them. Google is ambitious and will give you the best online marketing experience.

Sum Up

Google ads and Facebook ads are the two unique ways to achieve maximum exposure, nowadays. Both of these companies have large number of users from around the globe, but there are various features that make Google ads more fruitful for businesses, than Facebook ads. With this info in hand now, we hope you will achieve your advertising goals, effectively and efficiently.

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