5 Reasons Why Hiring a Customs Broker Can Make Your Life Easier

If you are importing or exporting goods across a border it is inevitable that customs will play a part in the process.

You will obviously want to get the shipment cleared as quickly and easily as possible but if you fall foul of even one regulation or the paperwork is incorrect you could be in for a few headaches trying to get the issue resolved.

If you were exporting to Australia it would make a lot of sense to use a broker for customs clearance in Brisbane, for example, as they will have the local knowledge required to deal with your shipment’s paperwork in the most efficient way.

This is just one of a number of good reasons why it makes sense to consider hiring a customs broker rather than trying to do the paperwork for clearance yourself.

Having the right documentation is essential

Make no mistake, clearing international shipments tends to involve a substantial amount of paperwork. This documentation will need to satisfy all the questions customs want answering about your shipment.

You can do this yourself, of course, but the argument for using a customs broker is a compelling one when you consider how much paperwork is involved and the level of local and international knowledge required to fill in the right forms correctly.

A customs broker will know exactly how to compile and produce the right documents so that your shipment can pass through clearance with the minimum of fuss.

Are your goods compliant?

Another issue that tends to land some companies in trouble with their shipment is when the goods they are sending are not compliant with local rules and regulations.

A customs broker can be very useful in giving you an accurate appraisal and evaluation of whether your shipment complies with all local laws and regulations.

Maintaining a line of communication

It can be frustrating when you are waiting for answers about your shipment and it seems to be difficult to maintain a good channel of communication.

Using a customs broker means they will be in regular contact with each customs house. This includes following up so that your shipment is verified and the documentation is agreed upon so that your cargo can continue its onward journey as speedily as possible.

Help with the registration process

A customs broker can also be very useful in registering your shipment with customs. As they are very familiar with all the relevant laws and regulations they will know how to complete the documents and forward them to the relevant authorities.

Less chance of delays

Ultimately, you want your shipment to get clearance as soon as possible. Using a customs broker will increase the likelihood of that happening because of their experience and familiarity with the clearance process.

If you don’t get your documents right there is the risk of a financial penalty or even confiscation of goods. Using the services of a customs broker can help you to avoid these problems.

When you consider what a customs broker can do to speed up the journey of your shipment and avoid complications along the way, you begin to appreciate why so many importers and exporters use this service.

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